The Not A Mid-Summers Dragon Boat Dinner & Dance 2003

On June 30, 2003 by phil

I hope you all enjoyed the D&D and I would like to thank everyone for the hard work they put in to make the evening go soooo well. Here are a few words from:

Jen (aka the Mermaid on Acid)
Allex ‘One of our Ex-Captains’ Voss
Katherine Estman
The DJ

NetMan (AKA Chriss ‘ the mild mannered paddler’ Potter) writes…

Dear Batman

Thanks for the bash last night. Sorry about the sideboard and did the cleaners manage to sort out your cape? Is Robin ok now? I do hope he is still talking to me. I’ll make it up to him somehow. But good bash, most enjoyable.

Yesterday, Saturday, was as predictable as ever. A few routine rescues in the morning, a rather mediocre lunch with Octopusman, god I’m fed up with bloody fish balls, but the evening was enlivened by an invitation I had up the coast in Singapore.

A bunch of Dragon Boaters invited me to a “do” they were having. I only just arrived in time having to attend a late rescue; some Australian diver got his todger caught in a clam, so I didn’t have time to change.

They seemed a friendly, if excitable bunch, and there were a few other superhero’s there as well. Some super bears, super pirates and some very super mermaids, although I didn’t recognize any of them professionally.

Anyway, the party progressed well after a restoring buffet. A few drinks and the dancing started. A few more drinks and I found myself dancing as well.

There then seemed a bit of confusion with the music. Apparently, someone told me, the disc jockey chap was seasick. Did I mention that we were on a boat? To be honest I didn’t notice, I thought that people normally staggered around after a few snortereno’s eh buddy? Anyway a big chap with a loud voice and a bad parrot took over and did a passably good job as disc jockey, or so I’m told.

A couple more drinks and the party got really going with people dancing and singing and so forth.

I’m told that there were then some games, which involved people doing some things and someone winning, and all jolly good fun.

More drinks and the lights went out a couple of times, or that could have just been me, then more dancing and more drinks.

Sometime during the evening apparently I won a prize. Not totally sure what for, but some of the party goers discovered that superhero’s “parts” squeak if squeezed. Well I tell you Batman, if they ever found out what was really happening when our parts go squeak there would be some very embarrassed people out there. I certainly don’t need another squeak for at least a month!

Anyway a great bash and most enjoyable.

How was your day? Pray tell



Jen (aka the Mermaid on Acid) Harbotle writes…
Don’t rock the boat??…don’t rock the boat baby .. ??rock the boat??don’t turn the boat over ??…

Some called it fun. Some called it a celebration. Some called it just plain stupid.

70 revellers, in fancy dress, stuck together on a Chinese junk for five hours somewhere in the South China sea.
The inaugural British Dragon Boat dinner dance took place on Saturday 13 September. The route: Clifford Pier – St Johns – Sentosa – Clifford Pier – Boat Quay (but more of that later).

First to arrive were the bigheads: Bears and lions and other furry friends with absolutely no relevance to the sea except a fishy smell which got worse as the evening got hotter. It was daggers at seven as men dressed as pirates and women dressed as pirates jostled for pole position at the bar. Too late however – the mermaids were already there. All 200 of them.

Having listened to him all afternoon at training, some would say having Sugarpuff as DJ was unfortunate. Others would think themselves lucky it wasn’t Rocky. As it was, the Sugar daddy had everyone dancing to Kylie. Luckily, he thought better of playing Celine Dion’s Titanic theme as there were enough young ladies in evening dresses to topple the boat forward, had they all run to the front, arms akimbo.

There was some confusion over the games. The official game was to find out whether the person who was your pair had a pair on that evening and if so what colour that pair was. Only problem was, some people weren’t in a pair and the pairs that were a pair weren’t always wearing a pair. Got it?

The unofficial game was to squeak Netman’s tuna – a fine piece of canned produce.

When the boat docked and there was no Anthony to shout to us to take out paddles and “watch our fingers” the crowd scattered in confusion. The bigheads formed a wedding party line up in a cheap, but effective attempt to get a snog and everyone headed to Boat Quay for more non-stop nonsense.

‘London Nights’ had not seen an evening like it. Crustaceans, seaweed and complete wrecks, littering the dance floor, with barnacled hands clutching pint glasses for dear life. (Would write more here but the evening’s a total blank for me from St Johns.)

At 3am and eight hours after it had first started, the dragon boaters said goodbye and headed to their beds. Ocean beds for some, flower beds for others.
Mermaid Number 4 X

N.B. Can I remind everyone that it is neither attractive NOR clever, to pinch diving masks off other people, suction them onto your face like a limpit and dance round a pole in a drinking establishment on Boat Quay. Apart from looking totally ridiculous at the time, the suction mark stays on your face for days……
Alex ‘One of our Ex-Captains’ Voss writes…

Eee when I were a lad we were lucky to have a cooler in the boat, there was none of this beer barrel stuff let alone all that dancing!
Seriously though, as an old hand with this DB team I am well impressed to see how the team has come on over the years. The first week on the water, there were 8 in a small boat with 3 coolers of beer. The D&D saw well over 60 from Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, etc and I’ve probably missed a couple. We may not have got Gold yet in the ex-pat race, but we sure know how to throw a good party!!

I was dead impressed to see the effort so many had but into their fancy dress – well done to all! As soon as we shoved off the beers started, the evening breezes multiplied by the movement of the boat as it cut through the bumboat wakes.

Once we were out of the harbour, we started tucking into the buffet – loads to eat which was undoubtedly a good thing! We headed South East through the shipping anchorages and soon came alongside the pier at St John’s Island, one of the less well known parts of Singapore. We didn’t bother getting off though as the barrel hadn’t quite run out. It wasn’t a big deal when it did though, everyone just slid nicely onto the wine!

This, together with a couple of icebreaker games (yes… the Canadians even won that!) and we were all suitably lubricated, relaxed and ready for a boogie. The boat by now had taken us past Sentosa and was heading back out along the east coast to Bedok. The DJ didn’t last long – the only one to not have his sea legs with him… obviously wasn’t drinking enough! Not a big problem as Capt. Pugwash soon stepped up to the mic (well… CD player) and got us all going again.

All in all a jolly good night. Loads to drink for those that wanted to, loads of dancing those that wanted to and a cool evening breeze for those that didn’t. Full credit goes to the DB Committee. They put in a lot more work behind the scenes than most will have realised… Thank You.

If and as and when we do it again, make sure you’re not sat in the same old pub as always. As they used to say in the good old days, “why don’t you go outside and do something less boring instead?!”
Kathrine ‘DJ’ Eastman writes…

Summer loving, had me a blast …screech …..reminds me of west-side story …..… clunck….. girls just wanna have fun …crash …… yyyyy- em-sea-ehhhh.
Confused? Well clearly you didn’t make it to the British dragon boat mid-/Indian-summer party. If you’d done so, you’d have recognized this as an excerpt from the postprandial musical extravaganza we enjoyed courtesy of a slightly dodgy CD collection and a music system with not enough anti-roll to counter the turbulent waters off the Singapore coast.

Not that this slowed us down in any way. In true DB style, we got on the boat and we ate and we drank, and then we danced. (For those not in the know, we usually get off the boat before the eating/ drinking/ and dancing commence, but not always.)

Anyway, on this occasion, dancing queens (aka the gay pirates) boogied the night away with a gang of teddy-bears who seemed to think they were really firemen; mermaids, hula-girls, seafood dinners, fishermen, gods, heroes and TV celebrities, plus the braver members of the

Japanese DB team, joined as one to lurch in time to the music – or the rhythm of the waves – depending on their personal preference.

Renegade pirates dispensed restorative shots of vodka from their water-pistols. Netman stood by to help those in need of urgent assistance with food preparation tasks, amusing himself all the while by inviting innocent mermaids to squeeze his fishballs.

And after we danced, we drank some more, and then (unusually) we sang. And then we decided it would be a fine end to the evening to hit Boat Quay still in our costumes. Did I mention earlier that it was a fancy-dress party?

Well I hope you had as much fun as I did, and that you agree with me that – although it usually only manages a whimper – when the Dragon Boat-ers decide to party, Singapore truly roars.

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