MR500 weekend – somewhere Bedok Reservoir way…

On March 26, 2009 by phil

Hello Paddlers!

Whether we win or lose, it’s all about taking part but remember, be gracious in victory too… And now a few dull but necessary measures to make this weekend a memorable one:

Be in the right place at the right time, namely Bedok Reservoir, this Saturday, at 8.45am PRECISELY.

Head for the British Team Pump Room tent, which will be in the process of being erected in a precise yet methodical fashion by eager Committee members who will have arrived 15mns earlier.

Hand over $40 to Mel upon arrival.

Remember – $40 covers race registration fees, Saturday’s Sandwich Shop sandwiches, Sunday’s Pump Room dinner (scheduled for 7.30-8 and remember to email Gemma NOW to confirm attendance) and enough water and 100+ to sink a battleship. This is a one-time only fee. Non-racing paddlers and groupies can attend the post-race Pump Room dinner for $20.

Put photo ID provided ON, do NOT not take it off until SUNDAY evening. If you lose it, unless you can schmooze it, that’s an extra $30 to pay to the gods of SAVA.

Know that times of races can be subject to change so keep eyes and
ears opened at all times. Know what your race number events are and be ready to hop into a boat
at any given moment and paddle like your life depended upon it (that goes without saying generally but I’ll throw it out there anyway).

Don’t wander off into the wilderness without
letting a committee member know first where you’re heading and when you’re likely to be back (bet you thought this was all a bit of a lark, be mistaken).

Don’t forget to bring photo ID (you never know) and racing kit (including bandana if you have one) – Kenny will have team kit supplies with her should you arrive unprepared from a sleepover, though please note generally that any form of distraction is ill-advised prior to race weekends, your energy must be saved in aid of the greater cause.

Bring flip flops (mandatory) and sunscreen and your own lunch for Sunday or join the Pot Luck Club and share the spoils.

On Sunday evening, wear that sexy little number, namely the very seductive white drinking shirt.

And last but not least, bring any remaining energy to the Pump Room party, and be ready to demonstrate a few cheesy dance moves on the dance floor once the heat goes up and the lights go down.

As for the Groupies, your team needs you! There will be beer in the afternoons, as well as a steady dose of rippling muscles mingled with adrenaline throughout the weekend. What more can you ask for?

Post-race, there’ll be no practice for a week. By my reckoning we should meet again on Saturday 11th April though the bank holiday weekend may lull you away. Have a great weekend and see you soon, Rebecca

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