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Hello Paddlers,

So much happening on the British Dragon Boating scene, I’m a bit at sea, but not for long… Listed below are upcoming events you should all be aware of/putting in your diaries/sending an email to the relevant person and if you need further details, EVERYTHING is on the website:

Paul was so excited about yesterday’s training, I got a text at 00:48 telling me that 28 paddlers had come to pool training, woohoo! Had I not been dead to the world, I would have been excited too. I will be once all the excuses that pass as life allow me to return to my dragon boating calling.

This Saturday is training as usual. Sunday (10th May) marks the return of Sunday morning training (June races everyone!), at the more generous time of 8.30am, hourra, a mini lie-in! Time for a quick snooze after that, then it’s time for a BBQ at West Coast Park (3pm, hope you all responded

Others give other “here” had Anyways find for.

to Gemma and Carina’s email, on the website if you need to know more).

As well as Wednesday pool sessions, Thursday 14th May will be the dawning of a new British DB land training era. More details to follow when I’m apprised of them, you may be in the know already…

Ladies! I’m sure you’re getting ready to enter Diva-mode next Saturday (16th), that you’ve been training hard and your determination has naturally rubbed off on our male paddlers (whatever it is, I hope it’s working) who will be dressed to impress. We want no hystrionics from you gentlemen, just gentle support and a dress to kill. By now you should have sorted your collective wardrobes out, women do it every day, you’ve had weeks to prepare for this, I want to be dazzled. I know Mel has been keeping you informed of the Diva developments and I hope that some kind soul(s) has/ve volunteered to help her fill the sponsored goody bags, good to do after land training methinks…

Putrajaya, Malaysia (5-7 June). All the details are on the website and you need to respond FAST and I mean IMMEDIATELY to this to Adrian NOW. If I get the day off from work, I’m coming.

SDBA races (27-28 June), Marina – website at this point is pretty useless/informationless (unless I’m being a technophobe again) though I think it’s 800m. Andy and Paul are asking you to EMAIL them at with the usual details (yes I can participate 1/both days, I’m a leftie/rightie (no need to provide your political aspirations), my weight (after a big mac or a carl’s jnr) is …kg and have my photo because you love me so much. And they want all of this personal information PRONTO.

The lovely Carina is planning a trip to Sibu (Malaysia) the weekend after the races (3-5 July, leaving at 6/7pm depending on what time people can make it, more details on the website). The trip is a bargain, approximately SG$300 (which includes bus service to Malaysia -ferry – 2 nights accomodation – 2 breakfast – 2 lunches – 2 dinners). If more than 10 people can make it, we’ll get happy hour (1 for 1) drinks for the entire duration. Carina needs to book this at the latest by the end of next week so needs 1) your name 2) your money ASAP Carina, I’m in (I’ll be emailed out by the end of this one and send me your bank details so that I can effectuate payment promptly).

That’s it from me and happy training, Rebecca

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