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On June 26, 2009 by phil

Hello Paddlers,
3,200 paddlers are competing this weekend and I’m hoping it won’t take 3200 words to tell you what you need to know.

Be in the right place at the right time, namely Marina Barrage, this Saturday, at 8.30am PRECISELY.

There are 2 powerpoint presentations on the SDBA website ( which you MUST familiarise yourselves with BEFORE Saturday (under the heading SDBA newsflash/Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2009 relating to GENERAL MATTERS and TRANSPORTATION). This should answer all immediate questions of where the darn race is/how in heaven’s name do I get there.

Since SDBA has remained unclear about entry/tagging – Mel and Mifie will be either a) at the entry gate if tags need to be issued prior to heading to the venue OR b) at Tent 4 aka British Team Tent (check General Matters powerpoint to see where that is).You should all aim to be at whichever meeting point it turns out to be BY 8.30 (repetition is the mother of all inventions).

You’ll need to pay $40 to Mel/Mifie in order to get your tag. The fee includes racing/Pump Room dinner/sandwiches from Sandwich Shop (Saturday only) and 100+/water (both days). Bargain I hear you say.

Wear your tag all weekend, sleep with it if you must, you lose it, that’s another $30 (I think) gone.

Racing top/bandana and in a fashion-conscious move, we’re asking all paddlers to be tasteful, forgo the Hawaian boardshorts/bold motifs and aim for black/navy blue shorts to complement our dapper yet sporty get-up. Kenny will have endless supplies of kit at hand (including the new drinking shirts) so make sure to bring your dosh (or at least another $30 which my sources inform me will get you a lovely navy blue top, racing/drinking or otherwise). The going rate for a bandana these days is $5.

Remember your flip flops! I think there’s an SDBA directive about wearing them, simply said – you must! no bare foot shenanigans in boats will be allowed.

Keep belongings at the race site down to a minimum, who needs baggage?

Due to the novelty setting of our racing premises, unless it rains heavily, expect to be exposed to copious amounts of sun. Remember to bring and slap on ridiculous amounts of suncream throughout the day to stave off that lobster tinge/well-reknowned Brit abroad redness. Slap it on other people too and make new friends, they’ll thank you for it.

Know that times of races may be subject to change so keep your eyes and ears opened at all times. Know what your race number events are, stay near the tent (no wandering off to the Polar Puff stand, however close by or tempting it is) and be ready to hop into a boat promptly and win at the drop of a hat. If you do need to do a runner, please let a member of the committee know your whereabouts and your ETA (estimated time of arrival if acronym definition is a must) back at the tent.

There will be Pump Room beer on Saturday afternoon (groupies, that’s your cue to come and cheer us on).

In fine race weekend tradition, Sunday lunch is pot luck, meaning you ALL have to bring something you’d be willing to share, not crisps – unless you must (though whoever won a race on crisps alone?) and that’ll fill you enough to give you energy without a sluggish mid-afternoon lull.

Pump Room dinner on SUNDAY
Scheduled for 7.30-8 and hope you’ve all remembered to EMAIL Gemma to confirm attendance. Those of you NOT racing but still wanting to attend our celebratory dinner, it’s $20. After the dinner, the speeches, the emotional recap of all the highs (and no lows) of the weekend, you WILL use your last ounces of energy to dance the night away until the early hours of Monday morning.

SIBU trip – Carina will be sending out an update email on MONDAY.

And finally, there’ll be NO practice until Saturday 11th July. This will be an EASY paddle for anyone who wants to come and join. It will also be Carina’s farewell paddle to be followed, of course, by an Arabian Nights themed extravaganza to give her a taster of what awaits her in Dubai, Singapore-style.

See you all nice and early on Saturday morning at the appointed time and place, Rebecca

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