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On September 2, 2009 by admin

Hello Paddlers,

I’m transmitting the message below from Andy. PLEASE can you make sure that you ALL send ONE email to NOW stating whether you ARE or NOT taking part in the 3 races listed below, and which ones you WILL/WON’T be taking part in, of course. For newer paddlers: a passport photo, your weight and paddling side is required in the response email. And now over to Andy…

Hello everyone

I attended the IDBC committee meeting on Monday. Amongst a number of things on the agenda was the 10k race. It was suggested that as part of next year’s race a separate category may be introduced for the International Expat Teams within the same race. If it had been implemented this year, the British Dragons would have won a Silver Medal. The teams left in our wake were the Americans, Canadians, Germans, Spanish, Philippines and Okinawa. SPC were only 20 seconds ahead of us after nearly an hour of hard core paddling!

The team showed great spirit and resilience, and for me, the race was the highlight of my time with the British Team.

This nicely leads me on to the main purpose of this email, the forthcoming:

1. SAVA Sprints (10th 11th October)

2. German Manoeuvre Cup (17th October)

3. Singapore River Regatta (21st 22nd November)

The British Dragons have an excellent chance of winning medals at these events, is it therefore most important that we all attend as many training sessions as possible. Success will only come from hard work. We have only 5 weekends remaining before the SAVA Sprints, and much to do. Remember, we are defending our Gold medal from last year’s event.

Those who would like to take part in these races must sign up now, for those who are unable to race, please also let Paul or myself know immediately. The closing date for registration is Wednesday 9th September for both races.

For newer paddlers, a passport photo, your weight and paddling side is required.

Whilst for most, attending all training sessions is unrealistic, please try and attend as many as possible, our competitors are training hard!


Saturday 3.30 to 6pm- Kallang

Sunday 8.45 to 10.30am- Kallang

Wednesday 7 to 9pm – Farrer Park Swimming Pool

Thursday 7 to 9pm – Kallang (Land Training)

See you all at training, Andy

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