SAVA Sprints 2009

On October 8, 2009 by admin

Hello Sprinting Paddlers!

It’s official! You’re scheduled for a 7.30am start this Saturday at BEDOK RESERVOIR (that’s EAST people, so make sure you know where you’re heading to (instructions are de rigueur). I hear that parking is problematic, so make adequate arrangements to be at the race location ON TIME by using either public transport OR the more expensive taxi solution (and tell the driver you’re heading to the car park or just follow the crowds) for the SAVA sprints and expect more of the same on Sunday (Paul to advise).

Paddlers taking part in the race this weekend are:

Alison, Carol, Caroline, Ee Lin, Emma, Erica, Gill, Kenny, Mel, Mifie, Nicky, Stephanie, Yukiko, with Karen as drummer.

Adrian, Bambi, Chetan, Dennis, Jeff, Kevin, Kian Wee, Melvin, Michael (Lee), Paul H., Paul M., Paul R., Rob D., Rob W., Robin, William, Philip Morgan and Hans as reserve.

If something of vital importance happens on Saturday/Sunday morning, only under duress should you call Mel or Mifie. You should be able to locate the British Team Tent, hand Mel/Mifie $40 (EXACT money appreciated PLEASE) and from that point onwards keep your race tag ON for the ENTIRE weekend (or face paying a further $30 to SAVA organisers).

$40 covers race registration fee and tent rental, Saturday’s Sandwich Shop sandwiches, Sunday’s Pump Room dinner and all the water/100+ you can drink over the two days. For those of you who are only able to make it to the Pump Room post-race party (may there be many and I’ll certainly be there), it’s a $20 flat fee.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Racing kit (including bandana or British Team cap, there WILL be numerous team photos taken and ONLY your sporting best will do) – Kenny can sort you out if you find yourself lacking in the kit department, be it racing shirt/drinking shirt ($30), bandana ($5), but shorts you’ll have to bring your own, and I hear this year’s favoured colours are red, blue or union jack themed.
  • For Sunday evening (Pump Room for 7.45/8pm), our beautiful drinking shirts are a must.
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
  • Flip flops (no paddler is allowed to be barefoot in a boat).
  • Knee pads, for those of you freestyling, on SUNDAY as that is when it’s taking place though Paul WILL be briefing you on Saturday about this race.
  • Sunday lunch – Pot Luck Lunch aka paddlers to all bring something that can be shared with others in the spirit of friendship.

Times for the races are subject to change so PLEASE:

  1. Know which event you’re competing in
  2. Stay close to the team tent
  3. If the call of nature or something/someone else beckons, PLEASE let a committee member know where you’re going and what your estimated time of return is.

Paul has asked me to let you know that he is managing this race event with the help of committee members that are paddling but without Andy’s exceptional organisational skills (as you may know, Andy is heading to the UK for personal reasons and will be missed – and since I’m appalling with feelings, I’ll just say I’m sure that everyone in the team will be thinking of him while he’s away). As such paddlers, please cooperate fully with Paul over the weekend, no whingeing, no moaning, no bitching, no hissy-fits, no unbecoming / undignified / un-British-Team-like behaviour, no last minute rebellion, if necessary stiff upper lip only please or talk about the weather as a last resort. Putting a boat together for a race is a highly stressful experience and depends on a multitude of factors including but not limited to: weight / paddling side / experience / attendance / luck / the gods / boats.

Beer – always important to mention this for the fans out there who want to know precisely when to come and support the team. If you can’t be there for the whole weekend, Saturday afternoon is your best bet and there will be beer at the Pump Room on Sunday night too.

Post-race, there will be pool practice on Wednesday 14th and all people who are taking part in the German Manoeuvre (nothing to do with Hemmlich but it sounds like he should be mentioned) SHOULD come to practice as this event is on Saturday 17th October, sometime in the afternoon, with a dragon boat party afterwards (Paul will have further details on this NEXT Wednesday). Normal practice will resume on Saturday 24th October.

I think that may be it from me and hope you all have a great weekend, see you on Sunday night, Rebecca

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