Singapore River Regatta at Boat Quay – 21/22 Nov

On November 19, 2009 by admin

Hello Paddlers!

At last, Boat Quay is upon us! In order to maximise this long-awaited race weekend, it is IMPERATIVE for all paddlers taking part (apparently more than 40 of us) to be there for 7.45AM. Should you be in any doubt as to the race and British Team tent location, please refer to the SDBA website NOW. Or just head for the fat pigeon and you won’t be far wrong.

As Andy will be coordinating Saturday’s race schedule, PLEASE be your usual considerate selves and alleviate any undue stress by staying focused, knowing your race event number (subject to constant change backwards AND forwards), no wandering, no impromptu lunch breaks to far flung food courts, no extended shopping/toilet breaks in the Clifford/OUB Centres, no pick-me-up drinking stints in pubs on Boat Quay.

Listen to instructions, don’t unplug any particularly loud tannoys even though the noise can be unbearable and your caffeine fix hasn’t quite yet kicked in, keep a committee member apprised of all sudden movements away from the team tent and let them know when you’re due back. Should something last minute come up on Saturday/Sunday morning call Mel or Mifie.

Those of you who haven’t paid the $40 race fee (EXACT money appreciated PLEASE), expect a gentle reminder on arrival (and while you’re at it, there will be opportunity to hand over $45 to Gemma and Nicky for the upcoming Christmas party). Keep your race tag ON for the ENTIRE weekend, sleep with it if necessary, Boat Quay will be chaos, better not add to it.

$40 covers race registration fee and tent rental, Saturday’s Sandwich Shop sandwiches, Sunday’s Pump Room dinner and all the water/100+ you can drink over the two days. For those of you who can only make it to the Pump Room post-race party, it’s a $20 flat fee but do feel free to come at any time over the weekend and encourage the team, drink some beer and booh the opposition in a very sporting manner.

Racing Kit

We are embracing a militant approach – only bandana or British Team cap will be accepted as head gear, blue, red or black shorts (no flamboyancy required as we’re keeping this to our performance) and racing shirt. A strange reminder but flip flops are mandatory in the boat, there have been Cinderella incidents in the past. As ever, there WILL be numerous team photos taken so make sure, as always, that you look your photogenic best.

Kenny can sort you out if you find yourself lacking in the kit department, be it racing /drinking shirt ($30), bandana ($5). For Sunday evening (Pump Room for 8pm), it’s drinking shirts all the way and hopefully a few medals thrown in too.

Sunday lunch is Pot Luck. This means you bring something that you want to share with others, something a little more substantial than nibbles/canapes at a cocktail party. I’m sure this will be one of the numerous topics of conversation bandied about this Saturday.

Post-race, there will be NO more pool practices until JANUARY (date to be confirmed)and the first Saturday paddle back will be on Saturday 5th December (Christmas paddle, be there for 14.30 as we have our Christmas meal that evening but I’m sure there will be another email with further details somewhere along the line).

I think that may be it from me but I feel that I must finish with a Hallmark moment (I spotted this on a card while waiting in a post office queue): Remember

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that in Success there’s U! If me being cheesy and using someone else’s words to state the obvious doesn’t make us win, I don’t know what will. See you bright and early on Saturday and in case I’d forgotten to say it, HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND! Rebecca

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