Gym training session at Orchard Hotel

On December 1, 2009 by admin

Hello Paddlers,

Had I been any better at Maths, this announcement would probably have been with you in November… To make things a little easier for myself, I’ll list the people that will be attending THIS WEEK’S gym practice (bearing in mind that I do have the names of 32 paddlers who want take part next week (with maximum 14 available slots per session, only 2 sessions available per week and priority to those who won’t take part this week, so please bear with me, I know who you are and everyone will get to have a go at some point, and anyone who can’t face a second session, feel free to email me after Wednesday/Thursday evening with details of your ailments and cancellation notification though technically I hope it won’t be that many, about 4 would be nice).

Anyway, enough waffling from me:

THIS Wednesday the following paddlers WILL be training:

Paul R, Matt, Gemma, Chris K, Stephanie, Phil M, William, Phil H, Anne-Louise, Rob C, Rob W, Emma W, Erica and Chetan.


Thursday, it’ll be the turn of:

Andy, Mel, Mifie, Jayne, Michael L, Shobhana, Tim, Paul M, Rebecca, Gill, Kevin H, Hans, Graham and Carol.

Hopefully you can all find your way there with the use of this map (with location of the gym). If not, it’s literally opposite Orchard Towers, so head there, ask for the Orchard Hotel and the gym is apparently on the fourth floor. What can I say, easy to remember really…

Notes below from Jason, who will be providing this training:

  2. PLEASE WEAR TRAINING SHOES…Not slippers/Flip flops;
  3. Gym gloves (optional but if you have them, bring them);
  4. 1 Very Large bottle of Water.

Current plan for Week 1 (gym) – Trial

  • Everyone will be buddied up, preferably same level of strength/bodyweight
  • Everyone will do stretches & warm ups at the pool area
  • General brief of stations and expectations
  • Physical walk through & demonstration of all stations
  • Everyone will attempt 2-3 sets per station
  • If time permits, aerobic stations may be included.

Please see below on what’s included for training paddlers:

  1. Use of all gym equipment within our facilities
  2. Use of swimming pool for swimming (Swimming will only be on OTOT basis outside of our training time, unless stated beforehand as part of training)
  3. Complimentary towel usage
  4. 2-hour Complimentary parking coupon (i have
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  5. Use of lockers
  6. Use of shower facilities (comes w/ hot showers and hairdryer) – (there’s only 2 cubicals per gender, so need to organise a little if everyone decides to shower at the same time)
  7. Sale of premium sports supplements to them at an unbeatable pricing (you guys can also look out for personal gym trainers if you are interested)

Terms and conditions:

  1. Basic gym etiquette and courtesy is expected from all users to make the gym a great environment to work out in
  2. The gym will not be exclusive for British Dragon’s use during the period 7pm to 10pm as we have personal trainers, their clients, our members, and also hotel guests using it as well. However, based on our track record, 7pm onwards its normally our lull period.
  3. Our gym closes at 10pm, so in the event you wish to run the programme till closing time, please ensure your members leave the gym by 10pm and not stop working out at 10pm, and then demand to shower after that.

I believe our training is only two hours long (7-9) so leaving the gym at 10 won’t really be an issue as we’ll all be having dinner at the nice Thai restaurant across the road by that time (Paul knows which one, he brought us there the last time). See you all soon, Rebecca

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