MR 500, this weekend, 27/28 March – Bedok Reservoir

On March 25, 2010 by admin

Hello Paddlers!

It’s a later than usual 8.15am start THIS Saturday for the MR500, at Bedok Reservoir.

Whether you’re taxi-ing(let the driver know you’re heading to the

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reservoir’s car park or just follow the crowds as further instruction to said driver may make no blind bit of difference), public-transporting or taking your own car (bit of an epic, not recommended due to shortage of parking space), please make sure you’re all on time.

At this point, I always mention phone numbers in case someone gets lost/oversleeps/does something that delays them incurably from eagerly anticipated early start. Feel free to call Mel/Mifie/Rebecca and explain concisely what the matter may be, so that this may be resolved /or relevant information may be disseminated to direct parties accordingly. Word of warning, don’t expect any sense from me until I’ve had my third coffee.

Head to the British Team Tent(go towards the one with the Union Jacks and a majority of British Team Paddlers and you won’t go far wrong). If you haven’t already paid, Mel/Mifie always collect $40 for race weekends(EXACT money more than appreciated)and these ladies will hand you a race tag which you must WEAR for the ENTIRE weekend(or face a fine, risk not getting into your boat, and other such tragedy).

$40 covers race registration fee and tent rental, Saturday’s Sandwich Shop sandwiches, Sunday’s Pump Room dinner and all the water/100+ you can drink over the two days. For those of you who are only able to make it to the Pump Room post-race party (8pm at the Pump Room,Clarke Quay), it’s a $20 flat fee, the more the merrier as far as we’re concerned, so bring any ardent fans out there for a general dragon boat love-in on Sunday evening. HOWEVER… Nicky would like to know how many VEGANS/VEGETARIANS are in our midst in order for the Pump Room to cater accordingly, so PLEASE EMAIL her ( or Gemma ( or both even, to let them know your dietary requirements.

What to wear:

Racing kit (including bandana or British Team cap). Prepare to be amply photographed so don’t forget to colour coordinate your shorts/flip flops to your tops, navy never goes out of fashion and may even be the new black/red/aubergine. Kenny can sort you out if you find yourself lacking in the kit department, be it racing shirt/drinking shirt ($30/$35) or bandana ($5). Don’t forget your flip flops, there’s a little known rule that paddlers have to wear them on when entering the boat or not be allowed to paddle at all.

For Sunday evening (Pump Room – 8pm), drinking shirt, medals and other suitable apparel.

Sunscreen (hoping that it doesn’t rain) and mosquito repellent.

Sunday lunch – Pot Luck Lunch – Nicky said that it should be something ‘exciting, nutritious,that can be shared'(and there will be many of us)and Andy mentioned bananas generally.

Times for the races are subject to change so PLEASE 1)know which event you’re competing in (refer to the carefully laminated race sheets which Andy will hopefully have prepared) 2)stay close to the team tent 3)should you need to wander off (no need to let us (the committee) know the reason, trust is a beautiful thing),PLEASE let us know when you’ll be back/where to find you.

It’s a usual request to all British Team paddlers to maintain a cooperative, dignified and becoming behaviour throughout the weekend, gracious in victory as well as (hopefully not an option) defeat. Whingeing, moaning, bitching, though highly enjoyable in practice, are generally frowned upon, and I must remind you on behalf of all captains that putting a boat together for a race is a highly contentious matter. Please don’t add your two grains of salt over the weekend, email format for constructive criticism is better appreciated once the passions of the weekend hath runneth over.

Beer – there for those who want it (fans/paddlers/sundry)on Saturday afternoon I believe, and more to be consumed at the Pump Room on Sunday evening.

Post-race, there will be NO pool practice on Wednesday 31 March, and NO practice on Saturday 3rd/Sunday 4th April, with (pool) training generally resuming from Wednesday 7 April.

Hopefully this covers it, see you nice and early this Saturday, Rebecca

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