British Dragons to escort the Queen’s Baton Relay

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Hello Paddlers,

A very exciting message from Paul, so if interested, please READ and RESPOND via EMAIL (dragonboatcaptain [at] NOW!

Dear All,

I have just received a call and email from Angie at SAVA (see below) to ask us, The British Team, to supply two escort boats for the Singapore Dragon Boat Segment of the Queens Baton Relay for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. This is an unbelievable opportunity for us all, and great publicity too. We will have our 2 escort boats paddle with the national team from the steps of The Esplanade to the Merlion and then on to the Singapore Flyer. This will happen on Sunday 6th June just after lunch. I have naturally said yes as this is not something you say no to.

We will need to have at least 16 paddlers in each boat, 1 drummer and 1 cox for each.

Sunday morning training will be cancelled and instead we will use this as our training, it’s a great opportunity as we will have drums.

We need everyone in their finest team kit to represent the team (P.S. Mel says don’t forget to wear your BANDANA), and support Singapore and the Commonwealth Games. When they open in Delhi later this year we can be proud of the fact that we did our small part.

I will receive more information on exact times and format soon. In the meantime I need to have everyone’s name so we can put together the boats. The team should see this as a great training opportunity, a time to show off our team (there will be camera crews and photographers, etc) and have a great afternoon training session. Please ensure you free yourself on the 6th for a few hours and we plan to have a late lunch afterwards too (also to be discussed closer to the time).

If you are not from a Commonwealth country or would like to no more about the Commonwealth Games, please see below:

View the baton being transported in Samoa aboard an OC.

Dear Paul

Every four years the Commonwealth Games is hosted by a member nation of the Commonwealth. This year India is hosting the 19th Commonwealth Games in Delhi. One of the longest relays in history, The Queen’s Baton Relay is the traditional curtain raiser to the Commonwealth Games. The Baton commenced its journey at Buckingham Palace in London on 29th October 2009 and is currently traversing the length and breadth of the Commonwealth, visiting all of the 71 Commonwealth nations (home to one-third of the world’s population) before embarking on a 100-day national tour of India. By the end of this epic journey, the Baton will have travelled for 340 days and covered in excess of 190,000 kilometres, passing through the hands of many thousands of individuals, across land, air, sea and on many different modes of transport, conveying its message to its final destination Delhi.

During this marathon journey the Queen’s Baton will visit the smallest country per square kilometre in the Commonwealth – Malta, and the largest – Canada. It will also travel to some of the most remote places in the Commonwealth, including St Helena – an island off the west coast of Africa, which is only accessible by boat. The relay will conclude in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium at the Opening Ceremony of the Games on Sunday 3rd October 2010.

The Queen’s Baton will arrive in Singapore on Sunday, 6th June 2010 for one day.

When the Baton is in Singapore, the mission (whilst highlighting the Games itself) is to bring together, in as representative a manner, as many members of the community as possible. The Baton will commence its journey at His Excellency the High Commissioner of India’s residence and will travel down Orchard Road to the Esplanade. It will travel in several unusual modes of transport, including a dragon boat in Marina Bay, a convertible sports car along the F1 circuit and even an SBS bus. It will ascend the full flight of stairs of the Swissotel Stamford hotel , and will ride on the Singapore Flyer. It will visit the new and iconic School of Arts and SMU, the newest University in Singapore. It will be carried by the VIPs, Team Singapore athletes, disabled athletes, children stricken with cancer and representatives from the oldest and the newest junior colleges. It will end the day at the F1 Paddock Building where a colourful reception awaits the arrival of the baton.

The Singapore leg of the relay is an important event, and part of an historic moment. By highlighting what is new in Singapore, the modern meets the traditional in a special bringing together of the people of Singapore.

SAVA is proud to have been appointed once again (for the third consecutive Commonwealth Game) by the Singapore National Olympic Council to organise the relay in Singapore.

The Singapore National Dragon Boat Team will be receiving the Queen’s Baton at The Esplanade (steps by the open air theatre) around 2.00pm on the 6th June. We would very much wish you to be a part of this special occasion by providing two full dragon boats as escorts for the Singapore National Dragon Boat Team (using your new dragon boats with the union flag livery and paddlers to be in full British Dragons racing uniform). One dragon boat on either side of the National Team’s boat, the three dragon boats will paddle towards The Merlion (for photo opportunities with the Queen’s Baton), then to the Singapore Flyer where the Queen’s Baton will be handed over to the VP of Singapore National Olympic Council for the next segment. After this, your duties will be over.

We sincerely hope that the British Dragons will be able to accept this invitation and look forward to your favourable reply.

Commonwealth Games – Delhi

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