Updates: Training, races, shorts and life jackets!

On July 3, 2010 by admin

Hello Paddlers,

A few messages, some from me, some from Paul, so here goes…

As you may know, the majority of our Committee is NOT here this weekend due to work plans, travel plans, racing plans (Go Team Okinawa!)… However, those that remain, namely Mel, Kenny, myself, WILL be there tomorrow and are very much looking forward to a FANTASTIC training session, partly through your incredible paddling prowess, and mostly through your unwavering support in getting boats out/in, life jackets on/off and clipped back up, money handed over (obviously not in that order), and all those other things about training that make it all so team-spirited and enjoyable. Jason WILL be leading the training so time to get that last minute practice in before the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival at Bedok Reservoir NEXT weekend…

I’m also wondering how many eager beavers want to do early morning Sunday training so we’ll have a vote tomorrow afternoon as to how many of you will be showing up the next day.

And now over to Paul:

Here are the people that have signed up to the Bedok Race:

Gill / Nicky / Pam / Steph / Vithya / Caroline / Ellie / Gemma / Johanna / Kenny / Mel / Rebecca / Shobhana / Mifie / Jo

Andy / Chetan / Hans / Kenneth / Melvin / Paul R / Phil M / Kian Wee / Daniel / Dennis / Gary / Paul M / Phil H / Stephen / Surojit / Chris / Graham / Robert / Robin / Brandon / Adrian /

More information will be given regarding race times for the weekend after the team managers meeting (THIS Tuesday, any volunteers to go to the briefing?) and emailed during the week.

PLEASE note – there will be a SPECIAL CHARITY RACE at the Bedok Race. This is for Community Chest (http://www.comchest.org.sg/comchest/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx) and we have been asked to submit 10 crew teams for a special 300 metre race.

Nearly all the international teams have agreed to do this, some are entering several crews, and I would like to ask you if you’d like to participate. If yes, we will submit 2 boats. This means that each of us will have to donate SG$20, (meaning that the British team could potentially contribute SG$720). All the money goes to charity, 16 to be precise. Please confirm to PAUL (PLEASE EMAIL PAUL: dragonboatcaptain@gmail.com) if you’d like take part in this, 9 people have already confirmed so far, thank you!

After the race, there will be a team dinner at a new (and as yet undisclosed) venue! After three great years of being sponsored by The Pump Room, times are changing, we’re parting ways and moving on. We are currently in discussions with several prospective bars and beer sponsors, all of which are looking promising for the team, with finalised details to be passed on to you soon.

And now for something different…

Seatec Personal Buoyancy Vets – SG$32

Whilst in Putrajaya, we stumbled upon a Singaporean company with a great new life vest concept. Designed by dragon boaters for dragon boaters, these fasten over the shoulders and at the waist. They even have a small pocket at the front… handy for: coins, keys or whistles, oh and wait for it, a lippy for the girls!!!

If anyone suffers from abrasions/chafing/friction burns due to the current team jackets, this could be your answer to much more comfortable training sessions, plus the joy of being the proud owner of a life vest which you can imbue at will with your very own pheromones!

We’re being offered a special team rate of SG$32 per life jacket. We will only be ordering these in red.

Mel & Kenny will have a sample for you to try out over the next few trainings, with money and orders being taken from THIS Saturday. Five people have their names down already for life vests so get your orders in quickly!

(Which reminds me, SHORTS, those of you who’ve ordered them, and want to pay me SG$58 tomorrow, I’m amenable to all cash/cheque/giro settlements).

See you tomorrow, Rebecca

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