Singapore Dragon Boat Festival this weekend at Bedok

On July 8, 2010 by admin

Hello Paddlers!

First of all, welcome back to those who went to Okinawa, looking forward to the pictures!

And next, to the more pressing matters at hand, namely THIS weekend.

We need you to be at BEDOK RESERVOIR for 7.30am (it never gets any easier), with all details of the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2010 here, although the website won’t let us download the darn race timetable.

Regardless of your mode of transportation (taxi, cart, horse, donkey), please make sure you’re all on time. In case you missed the small print previously, I’ll say it again, 7.30am.

Emergency contacts, as always, are Mel, Mifie, or me (Rebecca. If ever you get delayed on the way to Bedok, we usually leave you with a minute window of opportunity before starting the nasty phone calls, so make sure you get your grovelling apology in first.

As far as we know, we don’t have a tent, it’s all on a first come/first served basis. We’ll try and bag that prime reservoir view location, not quite under the tannoy, with enough coverage to shelter us all either from the sun and/or monsoon-like weather. If you happen to get to Bedok first, please make sure to stake that claim.

Those taking part are:

Gill / Nicky / Pam / Steph / Vithya / Caroline / Ellie / Gemma / Johanna / Kenny / Mel / Rebecca / Shobhana / Mifie / Jo

Andy / Chetan / Hans / Kenneth / Melvin / Paul R / Phil M / Kian Wee / Daniel / Dennis / Gary / Paul M / Phil H / Stephen / Surojit / Chris / Graham / Robert / Robin / Brandon / Adrian

Mel and Mifie want your money, $40 in any denomination, as long as it’s EXACT change. You will be given a RACE TAG, which you will WEAR for the ENTIRE weekend (or, needless to say, face the consequences).

Breakdown of $40 covers race registration fee, Saturday’s Sandwich Shop sandwiches, Sunday’s dinner at and all the water/100+ you can drink over the two days. There will be some beers (SKOL?) made available for some post-Saturday race drinking.

What to wear:

Racing kit (including bandana or British Team cap). If you need kit from Kenny, please email with your requirements NOW (k_bella12 [at], so that she can bring drinking shirts/racing singlets ($30/$35) or bandanas ($5) down to Bedok.

As ever, we are a photogenic team, people admire our sense of style, veneer and sophistication, so please don’t let the side down, and come colour coordinated this weekend. Don’t forget your flip flops, there’s a strict requirement for paddlers to wear these upon entering the boat, or you will not be allowed to paddle at all.

For Sunday evening (Malted Milk, see below – 7.30/8pm), drinking shirt, medals and whatever else matches.

What to bring:

Sunscreen (hoping that it doesn’t rain), sense of humour, mosquito repellent.

Sunday lunch – Pot Luck Lunch – at the last Bedok race, Nicky mentioned something ‘exciting, nutritious, that can be shared’, Andy mentioned bananas, so anything in between is good.

Please note:

Times for races are subject to change so PLEASE:

1) know which event you’re competing in (refer to the carefully prepared laminated race sheets, they are an invaluable source of information);

2) stay close to the team tent;

3) let us know when you think you’ll be back if the call of duty/nature finds you.

How to behave:

With decorum – it’s a usual request to all British Team paddlers to maintain a cooperative, dignified and becoming behaviour throughout the weekend. If you have the urge to talk detrimentally about something or someone, switch the topic to the weather, works every time, we Brits created the concept after all.

Boat layouts and other contentious topics should be discussed directly with the captains, if they arise. Know that everything takes a lot of planning and hard work, so please bear that in mind before going on the proverbial warpath. Actually, try something different, if you’re entirely happy with something, share that feeling too.

Hope you’ve all let PAUL know (hint, hint email him NOW if you haven’t – whether you’ll be taking part in the SPECIAL CHARITY RACE mentioned in the last email. This is for Community Chest (, it’s 10 crew for a special 300 metre race and the cost is $20.

Post-Race Party

THIS Sunday’s party venue will be at MALTED MILK ( ) and it won’t be a late one as it’s licensed until 11.59pm, although eager beavers can move on to somewhere else should the fancy take them. Malted Milk is located between The Gallery Hotel & StudioM Hotel at Robertson Quay, has a large selection of beers (deals include buckets of beer from $40, individual bottles $9) plus ‘lots of yummy food’ according to Gemma, including stew, pizza, chicken wings, calamari, sausages.

PLEASE EMAIL GEMMA NOW ( ), Friday morning at the LATEST, to confirm whether you’re coming to dinner (7.30-8pm) and any dietary requirements (Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians, we know who you are, but an email is ALWAYS necessary). Those of you NOT racing but wanting to socialize, mingle, re-enact our victorious moments, dinner is $20, the more the merrier, but PLEASE email Gemma TOO so that she has a rough estimate for numbers.

See you bright and early on Saturday, Rebecca

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