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Hello everyone and greetings from your Coach and Captains.

Can you believe it’s August people? we’re over the half way stage of 2010!. We have paddled both here and overseas and collect a few medals along the way. This year has proved to be a busy year both on and off the water, wonderful to see 30 of you at Lau Pa Sat for dinner and drinks the other Saturday. In a few weeks we depart for our team getaway to Sibu, which promises to be full of fun and laughter. We also look forward to announcing our new beer and bar sponsors in a couple of weeks time too!

We also need to re-focus on our training and paddling efforts, because a great deal of effort goes in to running the team and race events are a critical part of that. We need all your help and support to benefit the entire team. So to live up to our motto of Partying Hard and Paddling Harder, Jason has worked with the Captains on a new programme of training that will run for this year and through 2011. It’s time for some of you ‘sleepier’, or ‘July holiday hangover blued people’ to awaken and get back in the boat!

There are 4 calendered race events coming up and 2 in October that you must respond to, as soon as you have read this :

Race Registration is now open for:

  • SAVA Sprints International VI – 23rd & 24th October

200/300 Metre Racing (location to be announced by SAVA)

Men / Women / Mixed / Expat Race / Freestyle

Short distance sprint racing with some interesting categories!

Cut off date is midnight FRI 20th AUGUST

  • Singapore River Regatta 2010 – 30th & 31st October

300 Metre Racing – Boat Quay

Men / Women / Mixed / Inter-Business

Racing in the heart of Singapore!

Cut off date is midnight FRI 20th AUGUST

Other events to look out for over the next 6 months:

  • Beach BBQs
  • International Pirates Day
  • F1 – Go Karting
  • GERMAN MANOEUVRE CUP – Saturday, 13th November
  • AMERICAN THANKSGIVING PADDLE – Saturday, 27th November


Firstly, you need to register that you can or cannot participate in the 2 events shown above.

To register go to the calendar page and click Race Registration.

Refer to our team website for updates. Use the calendar section to look at social and paddling events throughout the year. This is updated regularly, so check it regularly as we cannot control external events and they do change!

Moving forward after the race event registration has closed, an immediate segmentation of paddlers will begin.

Paddlers will be divided into different sections by the Coach, the sections being as follows:


Generally lighter, with a longer reach, experienced paddlers, they have stamina with a good sense of timing and maturity.


Bigger, strong and usually heavier, consistent in stroke, composed, have a deep entry and never say die attitude.


Sometimes smaller/slimmer, sometimes shorter in stroke but able to pull further behind the hips, generally able to take advantage of the moving water to pull stronger.

Able to provide added paddle support when needed by the team.

  • Some paddlers may only be selected to be in one section, some may be selected for two.
  • A Section Leader will be appointed by the Coach to represent their respective section.
  • The Section Leader role is to encourage and motivate the section paddlers, keeping track of section performance, commitment of individuals and efficiency.
  • Section Time Trials will be conducted regularly to monitor their improvement. Time trials will probably be over 200 to 300 metre sets during the training session.
  • Performance will be determined by percentage of improvement in time for a fixed distance via the GPS monitor.
  • Every Section’s target is to always assure that every time a time trial is taken, the time has to be better than the previous recorded time.
  • Always remember that each individuals effort matters for their section, for their boat, and for their team!

The team captains will know who is in which section, at training boats will consistently be made up of paddlers knowing their section and their place in a boat. They will rotate and replace individuals within each section if someone is away from a training session.


  • Build teams within the team.
  • Help paddlers know the dynamics of what makes up a boat and the importance of good boat layout.
  • Deliver stronger more consistent race success.
  • Identify paddlers who are racing at an earlier stage.
  • Minimises the problem of scouting for paddlers at the very last minute.
  • Provide an opportunity for new or less experienced paddlers to prove themselves. Despite being new, they too stand a chance to be in the main boat, as long as they show commitment, stamina and ability.
  • Give our senior and premier paddlers a wake up call, to remind them that being more experienced does not guarantee a slot in the main boat if commitment and dedication are not shown.


  • Paddlers to show a sense of urgency when a race registration window is open.
  • Paddlers to pursue and fight for what they want and not take things for granted.
  • Paddlers to be responsible and show commitment for the role they have decided to take.
  • Paddlers to understand that no one is indispensable!


There will be a team briefing covering this over the next few weekends by the Coach and Captains.

Dragon boating is a collective team effort. However, as mentioned earlier, individuals matter! One person lacking stamina, strength or equally important focus in a race boat makes a huge difference when half a second is the difference between 1st and last place.

It is recognised that our paddlers have a life beyond Dragon Boating and attending every single training session is impractical. However, we are looking for consistency and regular attendance to improve stamina and ability. This is being introduced, and indeed will become standard training procedure, this is a lot of work for your captains and coach and it is being done to benefit everyone.

We have partied and paddled through the highs and lows of competitive paddling both here and overseas, the team is strong and united and together we will always get better!



Team Coach & Captains

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