Pirates, parrots, booty and wenches

On August 15, 2010 by admin

Arr Me Hearties!

Here’s a bottle o’ messages from your Social Secretaries:

On Saturday 18th September we will be celebrating International Pirate’s Day with a ‘fancy dress’ paddle and BBQ. Bring your paddle, parrot and cutlass and join your shipmates in the British Dragons vessels for some fun on the high seas – OK on the Kallang! Arr!

There will be paddling, challenges, fresh booty and a grog fest to boot!

We’ll be requestin’ that you board ship at 4pm sharp, so meet as usual at 3.30pm. Latecomers will be walkin’ the plank! We’ll be paddlin’ until around 5.30pm and then we’ll be partyin’ ‘til the wee hours. Arr!

Gemma & Nicky will be plunderin’ $30 from each of you land lubbers which will cover the cost of all the challenges, prizes, your BBQ and beer.

Please sign up and pay with Gemma or Nicky ASAP – you MUST sign up for this event in advance otherwise you will not be able to take part! So, peer into the depths and hand over your shiniest booty. Arr! Click here to register.

Lastly, this is a fancy dress paddle, but please make sure it’s also a safe paddle – sensible fancy dress that you can paddle in please – save the madness for the BBQ!

We’ll be eyein’ you with pleasure,

Ye Mateys Gemma & Nicky

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