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On August 20, 2010 by admin

Hello Paddlers!

A number of messages for you, all vitally important and necessitating your FULL attention (and response), and just in time for the weekend too…

First of all, REGISTER!

If you’ve been ignoring your emails, hiding under a rock for the last few weeks and haven’t signed up for the SAVA Sprints (23/24 October) and/or the Singapore River Regatta (30/31 October), to quote Moloko, The Time is NOW! (indeed, race registration closes TODAY, so please get your arses in gear NOW).

Following the same train of thought, if you haven’t signed up to the National Pirates Day Paddle (Saturday 18 September). The link has full details on what it is, how much it costs and how to register. It is IMPERATIVE that you sign up now, for the sake of organisational perfection on the part of our magnificent Social Secretaries.

SIBU/Weekend of Freedom

As you may well be aware, the team is having a weekend away to Sibu, Malaysia THIS WEEKEND, which means that there will be NO PRACTICE THIS Saturday or Sunday, but it will resume as normal on Wednesday at Farrer Park Swimming Complex.

COMEDY NIGHT – 26 August

The lovely Mel is organising a comedy night on THURSDAY 26 August (my father’s birthday no less) at the JustLogOff Comedy Club. Details are on the website.

PLEASE email Mel (mel [at] britishdragonboat.com) so that she can estimate numbers. Tickets are normally $50, but a 20% discount has been offered to all paddlers (so $40). Payment is on the door, just let them know you are with the British Dragons Group.

  • When – Thursday 26 August 2010 – 7.30pm
  • Where – The Pavilion at Far East Square
  • Also – Stand a chance to win 2 sets of “comedy tickets for 4 people for 12 months” just by updating your info here http://www.justlogoff.com/subscribe.htm, it takes 30 seconds. The draw will be held during the August 27th show. (Value $2400)


If you wanted to take part in the AustCham 10km, please be aware that the date has now been changed to Saturday 11 September (woohoo, more preparation time!) and it’s not too late to let the Captains know that you’re keen to join (emails please to dragonboatcaptain [at] gmail.com). Ladies, I hear that more of us are needed, so please don’t be shy, 10km truly isn’t that far, not with all the adrenaline that’ll be flying about on the day.

AND now, for something a little bit different…

The Outrigger Canoe Race of Origin (message from Wayne of the Aussie team, please respond WITH necessary details DIRECTLY to him):

Hi everyone,

There’s a new Outrigger Canoe race and concept coming to town.

Everyone is invited to participate, whether you are an experienced outrigger paddler or whether you’re new to the sport. All existing Dragon Boat paddlers who are interested in OC are strongly encouraged to join in.

This event is neutrally organized and racing is independent of any team you currently paddle for in Singapore.

If you are interested in participating please email Wayne (w_bjarne [at] bigfoot.com) with:

  1. your name
  2. your nationality (as in your passport. If you carry two passports from different countries then you can choose)
  3. your age
  4. the club you currently belong to
  5. whether you would be willing to volunteer as manager of your countries team

Registrations are required ASAP to get this going. Registration is of interest, it’s not a firm commitment so if you’re interested then hit the REPLY button NOW! Don’t leave it.

The Concept

  • An outrigger canoe race in which everyone paddles for the country from which they are from (i.e. your nationality), independent of any existing team affiliations.
  • If there are not enough participants from an individual country(s) then we will join countries into a group. e.g The America’s, Team Euro trash, etc. The race committee will organize these groups.
  • Each team, once assembled, will have a nominated manager who will co-ordinate that teams training program (if any), boat selection (if more than 6 people), etc.
  • We are looking at two events: MALE and FEMALE. We are not proposing a mixed event this year.
  • There will be a perpetual trophy purchased which will move to the winning team each year and have a team’s name engraved on it (so the anticipation is this becomes an annual event).
  • Medals will be available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


To be finalized. However the event is not for profit and all costs per paddler will go to trophies, race organization and/or party food/drink.

  • Race Distance: Approx 12 km (to be finalised)
  • Race Date: 25 September (will be finished in time for the Grand Prix)
  • Race Location: Somewhere in the Sentosa vicinity (to be finalised)

Training Details

It is expected that each team will train (hard) for this event. There’s a lot of competitive people in the paddling arena which is great and that’s what we want to encourage.

Arrangements are being made such that each team will have access to the boats owned by SPC and Austcham at Sentosa for training at no cost. The team managers will co-ordinate training times for their team with the race organizing committee. There will be some restrictions/criteria on the usage of boats (e.g. qualified steers from Austcham/SPC) which will be worked through with the team managers.

Everyone will have to pass the basic swim tests and Huli drill’s before being allowed in any boat and will have to sign the appropriate indemnity forms (team manager co-ordination).


And that’s all from me, have a great weekend, either here in Singapore or away, and see you all very soon, Rebecca

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