AustCham 10km Paddle and other matters

On August 25, 2010 by admin

Hello Paddlers!

I’ll cut to the chase – AUSTCHAM 10k – Please note that this will take place on Saturday 4 September and NOT one week later as mentioned in the last email.

If you couldn’t do it then, but now can, please let Paul know THIS Saturday. He will be confirming with everyone who’s signed up whether they can STILL take part on the new date.

And to make matters slightly more confusing, there will also be NORMAL training on Saturday 4 September as we have some newbies from the British Chamber of Commerce who’ll be dropping in and checking us out…


There are not one but TWO parties planned. The Aussies will have a post-AUSTCHAM 10k booze up at Bungee Bar on Clarke Quay. Due to the date change, this also happens to be on the same day as the Filipinos annual PUBU event as per below, also at Clarke Quay. I imagine there’ll be a fair bit of party hopping going on, please contact Barbs/Mau as per below NOW to get your tickets …

Don’t forget that there is also a comedy night (all details are on the website) TOMORROW (well, today (THURSDAY) by the time you read this), so hope you’ve all contacted Mel to let her know you’re coming. And that’s it from me, see you on Saturday, on time (3.30pm) at Kallang!

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