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On October 28, 2010 by admin

Hello Paddlers!

Boat Quay (aka 28th Singapore River Regatta (SRR) 2010), the best and most chaotic race of the year is upon us THIS WEEKEND. Key words for this race are: COMPOSED AGGRESSION! I’m sure I plagiarised that from someone, but hey ho… Compromise is NOT my middle name, and it shouldn’t be yours either this weekend! We have explosive starts, incredible maintenance, we have power, aggression, reach and snappy recoveries, we have our Section Leaders, Pacers, Engines and Rockets, and now all we need to complete the picture is a medal or three. We deserve it, enough said.

What I need is for YOU to be at the British Team Tent (the one next to the VIP area no less) at BOAT QUAY for a very reasonable 8am start THIS Saturday. And no hangovers from the night before please!

All SRR details are here should you be curious/feel the need for further information.

Emergency contact, me (Rebecca), if you mysteriously get delayed/lost and want to forewarn the team of your lateness (better than getting the cold shoulder treatment from team mates or active berating from me upon late arrival). We usually allow a minute window of opportunity before starting the nasty phone calls, so make sure you get your call in first to me please, or just show up on time and make everyone happy.

You should hopefully all have paid your $40 to Mifie (if not, make sure you bring it this Saturday). Upon arrival at 8am, you will be given a RACE TAG, which you WILL wear for the ENTIRE weekend (or, needless to say, face dire consequences). Breakdown of $40 covers race registration fee, Saturday’s Sandwich Shop sandwiches, Sunday’s dinner at RedDot (Boat Quay) and all the water/100+ you can drink over the two days.

Please note:

Times for races are subject to CONSTANT change so PLEASE:

  1. know which event you’re competing in (refer to the carefully prepared laminated race sheets, they are an invaluable source of information);
  2. stay close to the team tent; (McDonalds and Starbucks do not constitute valid excuses), unless we are sure sure sure there isn’t a race around the corner;
  3. let us (the Committee) know when you think you’ll be back if the call of duty/nature calls you away.

How to behave:

Stiff upper lip is the order of the day if something annoys you (invariably something always crops up), and no, it’s not an antiquated concept. Please listen to the Captains, be fully cooperative, whingeing/moaning/bitching is ALWAYS frowned upon, constructive feedback via email to the Captains after the race is by far the better option.

Boat layouts and other contentious topics should be discussed directly with the Captains, if they arise. Paul has let me know that a number of paddlers have pulled out of the race and the 2nd 20-crew boat is at risk (meaning there may be a fair amount of chopping and changing to what was initially planned, so patience and understanding are key this weekend). But apart from that, it’s paddling with passion as usual…

Note from Nicky and Gemma (Esteemed Social Secretaries):

For Saturday:

If anyone wants to go for a (light) drink after the races we will probably wander up to RedDot for a shandy! Beer will NOT be provided on Saturday, we’ll have it on Sunday instead. And don’t forget to tell your friends and family to come and support us, and our sponsors, by cheering us on from RedDot with a beer in hand!

For Sunday:

100+/water will be provided, Sunday lunch = Pot Luck: Nicky recommends bringing something nutritious to be shared by all. We’ll move on to RedDot (Boat Quay) after racing, where we’ll have a few towers of beer for the team to share. Once these are finished, everyone can buy their own drinks. Food will be served on the 2nd floor at 6pm. For those of you not racing and joining us for the evening, see you there!

What to wear:

Race kit (including bandana or British Team cap) and racing colours (nothing garish, even though it could put off the opposition), only classical red, blue and black hues for you, my paddling friend! Look good and know that you will be photographed!

Kenny will be bringing extra kit (drinking shirts, racing singlets and bandanas) if you don’t have these already.

Don’t forget your flip flops, there’s a strict requirement for paddlers to wear these upon entering the boat, or you will not be allowed to paddle at all.

Limit your belongings at the race site to a minimum, better safe than sorry.

For Sunday evening (RedDot Boat Quay, from 6pm as mentioned above), make sure you bring your drinking shirt with you on Sunday morning, as we’ll be heading straight from the race site to drinks and dinner (and DON’T FORGET your British Team Card!).

Those of you NOT racing but wanting to socialize, dinner is $20, and the message is, the more the merrier!

See you at 8am on Saturday at Boat Quay, Rebecca

Party Hard, Paddle Harder

Go the Brits!

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