German Manoeuvre Cup

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Hello Paddlers,

An email about what’s happening TOMORROW.

The German Manoeuvre Cup:

Paddlers who have signed up are:

  1. Phil M
  2. Pam
  3. Daniel
  4. Gill
  5. Melvin Y
  6. Robin
  7. Kenny
  8. Jo W
  9. Rob C
  10. Dee
  11. Steph
  12. Chris
  13. Ian
  14. Eelin
  15. Jayne
  16. Michael
  17. Mifie
  18. Graham
  19. COX – Winsor

EVERYONE else is welcome to come along, watch and cheer. There are also AVAILABLE SPACES in some of the mixed team boats: some of the teams taking part don’t have enough paddlers, others too many. There will be NORMAL TRAINING at 16.00 for EVERYONE, as most of the teams are training for the SAVA Sprints, although there WILL be food and a bit of a party after GMC…


Meet at 13:15 to put the boat in the water and have a team chat.

Brandy from the German Dragons has this to say:

The GDS has done all the preparation to make this fun race a success. With your participation and cooperation, we are sure this will be a good one.

Programme: This is just a rough estimate

1-2pm: Registration

2pm: Short introduction

2.10 – 4pm: Race

4pm onwards: Awarding of trophies and handing of plaque to participating teams, and BBQ

On race day, each team gets to pick a number for pairing. Example: Germans pick number 1 and Irish picks number 2. This means that for Heat 1 it will be Germans (Team 1) vs Irish (Team 2). And so on… So the team number is dependent upon what number your team picks on Saturday.

Moreover, we would like to inform you that some teams lack paddlers. In the spirit of a fun event, we beg for your understanding that we may have to allocate some of your paddlers to these teams. We aim to have approximately 15 paddlers (or less) in each boat, depending on how many paddlers show up. Kindly be ready for this eventuality.

In addition, each team gets a plaque of participation and 1st, 2nd, 3rd get trophies.

Please register on time and get your boats ready. Manoeuver well but carefully!!! Safety is our concern…

Please watch out for announcements on race day itself.

Lastly, here is what all will experience:

All teams get to race at least twice

All teams get to eat and drink after the race more than twice

All will be happy despite your sacrifice;-D

Let’s all celebrate and have fun!!!



GDS Team Affairs

There is another email going out today (lunchtime) regarding the SAVA Sprints. I just need to get some work done in between, Rebecca

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