SAVA Sprints 20/21 November

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Hello (again) Paddlers,I’ll write this email in reverse (yes, it has a happy ending, but you need to respond to your Social Secretaries NOW for this part of the email). The rest, from Paul, you can action accordingly…
IMPORTANT – Response Required! SAVA Sprints After Party – Sunday 21st November – Red Dot, DEMPSEY (8pm)Social Secretaries’ Message:

Paddle hard, party harder! The Sava Sprints are coming!!! The race after party will be held at Red Dot Dempsey (NOT BOAT QUAY!!) and this time there will be time to go home and glam up before the dinner and drinks. If you’re racing, the cost of your food is already included in the $40 race fee that you will already have paid Mel or Mifie. If you’re not racing, and would like to come along and join us for dinner, you can do for the small price of $20.  Either way we need to know NOW if you’re coming for dinner. Please email Gemma and/or Nicky to confirm your attendance.  We need to confirm the numbers with RedDot by this MONDAY at the latest!

WHEN RESPONDING, please also include whether you will be eating:

Mushroom and bacon spaghetti with vegetarian spring rolls


Fish and chips

And now the Paul/Team Manager’s Message:

Here are the paddlers registered for the SAVA Sprints, everyone is expected to attend the last 2 water trainings this Saturday and Sunday, especially those people in red.

  1. Alison
  2. Amelia
  3. Anchit
  4. Andy
  5. Anthony
  6. Brandon
  7. Carien
  8. Dennis (Sat)
  9. Daniel
  10. Dee
  11. Dmitry
  12. Eelin
  13. Erica
  14. Gary
  15. Gill
  16. Graham
  17. Hans
  18. Ian
  19. Ja-Mein
  20. Jayne
  21. Jo W
  22. Kate B
  23. Kenny
  24. Kian Wee
  25. Michael
  26. Mifie
  27. Nicky
  28. Pam
  29. Paul M
  30. Paul R
  31. Phil H
  32. Phil M
  33. Rob C
  34. Rob W
  35. Robin
  36. Shobhana
  37. Steven
  38. Vithya
  39. Yukiko
  40. Jen
  41. William
  42. Karen
  43. Bernoulli
  44. Winsor

There will be more information THIS weekend for the meeting time etc, remember it is at Lower Seletar Reservoir (near Yishun). Races will be 250 metres, not 200 or 300 but 250.
For the Saturday 20 November – there will be Sandwiches from The Sandwich Shop (as per usual) and for Sunday, we always mention Pot Luck (meaning that everyone chips in to cook and bring something healthy and nutritious for the rest of the team (our spreads are the envy of others!) and a great team building exercise, so hopefully the preferred option this time too). However, there is another option (and a lunch order form attached to this email), food for the Sunday can be provided for individual paddlers by an on-site caterer. If interested, print out the form, place your order, bring the money to training ($3 per packet, if purchased on site $4) as order forms have to be received by the caterers by this Tuesday.

More info to follow, at weekend and next week

Thanks, Paul

Paul Robinson
Team Captain
British Dragons – Singapore

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