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On January 31, 2011 by admin

Hello Paddlers,

Long time no email, it’s practically a case of Happy (Chinese) New Year! Now it’s time for me to rabbit on and for you to hop to it…

First of all, there’ll be NO TRAINING, pool or otherwise, THIS Wednesday! The pool is closed, time for a well-earned rest. However, there WILL be training THIS Saturday and Sunday (5 & 6 February).

Please keep your collective diaries free for the British Team Annual Team Meeting (ATM) on Saturday 12 February (7.30pm onwards) at an as yet undisclosed location. There will be a separate email coming out with further details. Essentially, we’ll be voting in a new Committee, looking back on 2010, and forward to the year ahead (hope I’m not giving anything away).

On Saturday 19 February, the Americans are planning a Mardi Gras Challenge (further details are in the making, it’ll be a fun-filled mixed teams event).

IMPORTANT RACE ALERT: MR500 on 19/20 March at Marina Reservoir (further details here: http://www.sava.com.sg/mr500.html).

We need to know whether you WILL or WON’T be paddling (please don’t just register only if you ARE interested, we want to know that you are deliberately NOT entering an event while registering. Clear as mud?)

Register here.

And finally Boracay, a fabled event, white sandy beaches, paddling, the stuff of legends or so I hear: http://www.boracaydragonboat.ph/

It’s best to arrive on 27th (evening) or early morning 28th April and it goes on until 30th April. Right now, we’re trying to gather numbers by team, so if you think you may be interested, please send ME an email NOW (this too will be subject to online team registration, but for the moment, an email to me will do the trick).

And last, but not least, Mel has requested me to remind people who frequent RedDot, our lovely sponsors, to make sure that all receipts are stamped (you need your card to show that you are a team member) and submitted back to her or Mifie within a reasonable timeframe (2 months may be pushing it a bit). This will allow us all as a team to benefit from more wondrous green beer, the likes of which was on the beach this Saturday.

See you all soon, Rebecca

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