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On July 28, 2011 by Jean-Benoît_Delpy_Bourcart

Dear All,
We have only 4 weekend and 5 Wednesday training sessions before Korea, and the SAVA Sprints is the week after Korea!

Saturday saw 3 full boats on the water and 24 new paddlers.  Unfortunately, focus, discipline and commitment from some paddlers was not what it usually is, this was due in part to the break, and the number of relatively inexperienced paddlers.  Either way, it resulted in an extremely disappointed coach.

As a member of the British Team we Party Hard and Paddle Harder.  We aim to achieve a balance within our team, combining a fun social calendar with a serious, committed approach to training and the participation in races.

As a result of the numbers registered and the training attendance of some of those registered, we have taken the unprecedented decision not to enter a British team boat in the AusCham 10K race, a difficult decision but necessary.  Training for Korea and SAVA Sprints instead!

Korea is a high profile event with tough teams to race against. A solid performance will lay a foundation for success at the SAVA Sprints the weekend after. Success will only be achieved if we train hard and have a focused, committed approach to our remaining training sessions.

For those signed up for Korea and/or SAVA sprints you are requested and indeed expected to attend a minimum of 2 sessions per week, preferably 3. You should be able to adjust your working week and finish in time to attend the Wednesday sessions, even if you do arrive a little late.

Training for the next month is going to be noticeably harder and race focused.  Success in Korea and at the SAVA Sprints can only be achieved by hard work and commitment!

On Sunday we had a completely full boat and 100% effort and commitment from all our paddlers, well done to those who took part, a huge improvement on the previous day. I very much hope to see Sunday repeated over the coming weeks. We have a break this weekend to Sibu and then an intense period of preparation and training leading up to our races, please commit to coming to trainings.

We are members of the British Dragon Boat Team Singapore and proud of it. Together we are strong!

Bring it on people, BRING IT ON!

Paul Robinson Team Captain

Andy Langton Men’s Captain

Nicky Marsh – Ladie’s Captain

British Dragons
– Singapore

1 Team, 16 Nationalities, 2 Objectives

Go The British Dragons 2011

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