SAVA Sprints Race Guide, Triumph in Korea and are you Feeling Frayed?

On September 7, 2011 by Jean-Benoît_Delpy_Bourcart

Hello Paddlers



Here is your complete guide to the upcoming SAVA Sprints International VII:

Date:…..Weekend of 10th and 11th September 2011
Reporting Time:…..Saturday at 08.00am (report to the British Dragons tent)
Location:…..Lower Seletar Reservoir
Getting there:…..Khatib MRT on the North/South line (then a 15 minute walk to site or catch a bus from opposite the MRT)

Upon arrival please report to Mifie and pay your $50.  This covers race entries, personal registration and photo ID race tag, water and 100 Plus drinks on both days, lunch and beer on the Saturday and the team dinner at Red Dot (Dempsey) on the Sunday evening.

You will be given a photo ID tag which you will need to wear all weekend (if lost the organisers will charge you for a replacement).

All team members must be wearing a team racing shirt and team bandana (or cap) in order to race.  No other shirts or headwear are acceptable.  Remember that footwear is compulsory in the boats.  Please limit valuables to essentials for the weekend as our marquee will not be fully secure.

Times and line-ups for races are subject to constant change so always:

  • Know which event you’re competing in (look at the posted team boat layouts);
  • Stay close to the team marquee;
  • Let the Committee know your whereabouts at all times when NOT close to the team marquee.

British Dragons Airways reminds all flyers that it tries very hard to accomodate their choice of route and timing and is well known for its very prompt arrival times.  However from time to time your preferred choice of row, or a window or aisle seat assignment may not be available.  You may also be wait-listed for a popular flight or once in a while you may not even get to fly at all.  Please bear with us and do not bang on the cockpit door or yell at the Captains until the flight has safely landed at the destination (in fact we would very much prefer that you just send in your complaint to our customer service department once you arrive back home…).

On British Dragons Airways the seats are cheap, you usually get a bit of legroom and – in the unlikely event that we crash or, er, rapidly lose altitude – please remember that every seat is on an emergency exit row and that you’ll be wearing your lifejacket at all times anyway so need have no concerns at all about flight safety…

Please eat well in the next few days.  Carb load the night before the race (pasta, rice, etc.), get plenty of protein and make sure you bring along your choice of Berocca, Hydration Salts, Energy Gels etc.  Also have a hearty breakfast before setting out so that you will be in good shape for the all-important first heats (if we fail to qualify in those then of course we will just sit empty- handed on the shore all weekend politely clapping the winning teams…)

Remember to bring sunblock and water along to the event and please make sure that you hydrate well before and during the weekend.

Sunday is our traditional “Pot Luck Lunch” so please plan to bring along nutritious food to share with your team mates.

Our Team Dinner will be held at RedDot (Dempsey) at 7.30pm on Sunday 11th September.  If you have not already placed your order online for your choice of meal then no meal will be provided for you and you will have to go “a la carte” (which I think is some fancy French way of saying that it’s quite a posh place and that you’ll probably need to bring your credit card along and pay up with that)

Please wear your drinking shirt and bring along your team membership card to the team dinner.


Read all about it here!


Training will take place on Wednesday 7th September at 7.00pm at Farrer Park Swimming Complex.  This will be land training so you do not need to bring your paddle.

To allow the team to rest after the recent heavy race schedule here will be NO TRAINING on the following dates:

Wednesday 14th September

Saturday 17th September

Sunday 18th September

Please look out for the next bulletin when we will remind you when training will recommence.


If your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is a bit frayed around the edges after your battles in Korea and its crumpled journeys in your luggage then Nicky has discovered that a stitch in time can save nine…

“Gill’s Tailor” at Golden Mile Complex, 2nd Floor (opposite the Thai Supermarket) can re-stitch your PFD.

Nicky reports that repairs to her PFD cost $10 and only took one day so there is still time before the SAVA Sprints if you are quick!

I look forward to seeing you all at land training tonight at Farrer Park and at the SAVA Sprints at Lower Seletar Reservoir this weekend.

Let’s try our hardest to bring back another clutch of medals to add to the shiny haul from our recent adventures in Korea!

Best wishes,

Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore

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