DBS Marina Regatta Race Instructions

On May 3, 2012 by phil

The moment is nearly here for the first ever DBS Marina Regatta.

We have a team of 47, that will compete as an A and B boat in the 22 Crew Singapore International 200m (Sat) & 500m (Sun) races. We will also have a boat in 12 crew National Mixed Races 200m and 500m too.

  • 08:00am (Saturday and Sunday) is the time to meet.  Be on time, we have to add numbered bibs to our life jackets and we are in the first race!
  • Meet at the team tent, corner of Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Financial Centre (outdoor car park end of Marina Bay Sands)

Bring only the essentials, (cash / sun screen etc) in a SMALL WATERPROOF BAG! (Space is limited and we will sacrifice the bags getting wet rather than us!) All teams are sharing the tentage so we must be considerate.

  • FOOD – Pot Luck Lunch on Saturday this time, please bring some food to share. Sandwiches are being provided on Sunday.
  • Be prepared for 2 long days; the schedule for Sunday is to finish with fireworks at 7:15pm!  We have dinner arranged at Red Dot, Dempsey for everyone from 8:30pm.
  • LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY – Bananas / Carbs / Energy Drinks / Rehydration Salts – bring these things with you on Sat & Sun!
  • Finally – Get your race head on!   Come wanting it, bring it on people!
For more information on the race site layout use this link to view a PDF file from SDBA:

Map of Marina Bay and where we meet:


We have practised, and we have practised, now’s the time to show Singapore, and the World what we’re made of!

Here are a couple of shorts videos to get that power and passion pumping people!


GO GET EM BRITS – It’s our 2012!
All the best to us all,

Paul Robinson – Team Captain
Nicky Marsh – Ladies Captain
Andy Langton – Mens Captain

British Dragons Singapore

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