DIVA’s and a Sunday Picnic in the Park

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Please note that there will be no training on the following dates:

Saturday 12th May 2012
Sunday 13th May 2012
Wednesday 16th May 2012

Training will recommence at Kallang at 3.30pm on Saturday 19th May 2012.


After our success at the DBS Marina Regatta 2012 it’s now time for the team to shine in the glittering Diva’s Regatta

What:….. Diva’s Regatta

Where:….. Kallang Riverside Park

When:….. Saturday 12th May 2012 at noon

Noon is the event start time, so please meet at the cage and DO NOT BE LATE.

Ladies need to bring $45 and gentlemen/guests need to bring $35 (if you’ve not paid already). Please pay Kate ASAP on

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Saturday as all team money is required before we can participate.

Lots of ladies have registered for this event, but sadly, due to competition rules, we can only enter one British team of ten ladies for the competitive race. Those of you that are not in the British boat will be racing as part of a mixed team, so don’t worry – everyone will get to paddle!
Divas is a hectic day, there’s a lot to be done and a lot going on. However there can be times when we’re hanging around waiting. It can be a very distracting day. So please come with your focus and determination to WIN. We have a reputation and a winning streak to uphold! 

Gentlemen paddlers on the team who are participating in Diva’s will be receiving their instructions about the day directly from the Captains.

Please either eat before you arrive or bring lunch/snacks as we don’t get any food until the Divas races and drags events are over. Ladies get free flow water and 100+ included in their race entry fee as well as a goodie bag, t-shirt and of course a GOLD medal – but only if we fight for it!



Whilst we take a brief break from training the social activities will of course continue. We’ll be holding our first ever Picnic in the Park this Sunday:

What:….. Picnic in the Park

Where:….. Singapore Botanical Gardens – Palm Valley overlooking Symphony Lake

When:….. Sunday 13th May 2012 at noon

This is a chance for the team to pick a shady spot in this quintessentially British location, spread a blanket or two upon the lush grass and unpack some homemade chutneys from whicker hampers. We’ll be disturbed only by the gentle call of afternoon birdsong, the occasional pop of celebratory champagne corks and the familiar screech of “Ewwww, there’s ants got in the Pate..!”

This gathering will be completely informal so no registration is required. Simply turn up at noon and bring your own food and drinks (and perhaps a few extra morsels to share around). Blankets, sunhats, sunblock, umbrellas and the usual coolbox paraphernalia will all be useful (though of course barbecues are not permitted).

Friends, family, children and supporters are all very welcome!

We’ll hold the picnic at Palm Valley overlooking the stage on Symphony Lake. You can download a map here:


The Picnic will be near Point 6 on the map – a pleasant 15 minute minute stroll from the entrances at Napier Road or Bukit Timah Road (Botanical Gardens MRT entrance). Getting to the Botanical Gardens is very easy even if you don’t take the MRT:

By Foot:
Entrance to the Gardens is through the Gardens’ major entrances: Tanglin Gate, Burkill Gate, Nassim Gate and Cluny Park Gate, and through the Bukit Timah Entrance.

By Car: Car Parking Facilities are available at the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Visitor Centre, Bukit Timah Car Park at Bukit Timah Core, Botany Centre, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and Public Parking along Tyersall Avenue.

By Bus:

Via Holland Road
SBS Transit 7, 105, 123, 174
SMRT 75, 77, 106

Via Bukit Timah Road
SBS Transit 48, 66, 151, 153, 154, 156, 170
SMRT 67, 171
See you at the Picnic!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Diva’s Regatta and the Picnic in the Park this weekend.


Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore

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