A message from the Team Manager about racing in Macau

On May 17, 2012 by Jean-Benoît_Delpy_Bourcart

Dear British Dragons

As the dust settles and the waves die down from the bow of our boats, we look back at a tremendous past few weeks. A little over 2 weeks ago we fielded a team of 49 paddlers (no mean feet and thanks to those that helped us out to paddle!) for the first ever DBS Marina Regatta.  So many of you put in some really great efforts to turn up to trainings and paddle hard at those trainings.  To see both our 22 crew boats do so well over the course of the weekend was fantastic.  My favourite races were when Boat 2 cruised to first place on the first race on Sunday, and also naturally our silver and gold medal races. Superb.

Yes a Silver and a Gold, and more over, we are the Champions of this first ever event!   I have received so many messages of congratulations from many sources, here is one from our friends The Spanish Armada for example:

Dear British Team,
I am writing to you on behalf of the Spanish Armada to congratulate you on an excellent DBS Marina Regatta. We saw you in the semi finale and finals and to tell you the truth, when we saw you racing we cheered for you all the way, cause you are a team that has always been there to help us and give us your support and for such we thank you. The final was one of the most exciting ones we have seen. Specially the last moment when you managed to push forward and win by half a Dragon boat, it was awesome. We as Spanish team will take example in your hard dedication and work and we will see you soon in the starting blocks in a final.
Again congratulations, Spanish Armada

Once again well done to everyone, and thanks for making the entire weekend a great success, from all those involved behind the scenes to everyone who paddled.  Big pat on the back people!   (Do read the race report on the weekend by Caroline, it was sent by Phil in the team bulletin and is on the website)

And then there was The DIVAS, we came, we paddled we won the GOLD! Annoyed at not being able to paddle as a ladies boat at the regatta, our ladies were on a mission to show the other teams ‘who’s boss’ Strong powerful and convincing stuff, well done.  Finally the Drags, boys you did the ladies proud again, in your leotards. Wonderful performance as The British Olympic Athletics Team for London 2012.  A lot of hard work from Andy and boys, well done and congrats on winning the second prize.

WOW what a team.

MACAU (Really URGENT people) Yes we can go and race in Macau if you want to?  Many of you have expressed a wish to go to this world class venue and race. If enough of you say yes we will race there at the end of June:

Fly out: Friday 22nd June
Return: Sunday 24th June
Where: Macau World Championship Dragon Boat Course
Cost: Flights/accommodation/transfers/party at SGD 490 if we book flights asap!
Day’s off work: ONLY half day, or take full day on the Friday

What you need do: Immediately send an email to international@britishdragonboat.com and put YES I’M COMING TO MACAU in the subject so that Rob Cooke can organise numbers.  The longer we wait the more the price could go up on flights.

Races only on the Saturday 23rd only.  Party on Saturday night.
22 Crew Open 500m
22 Crew ladies 500m  (Yes if we get 18 ladies going you will paddle in a big boat – hooray I hear you cry!)
Flight details are:

Out:   Tiger 14:00 Friday 22nd (Direct) Arrive 17:50

Return Tiger 18:40 Sunday 24th (Direct) Arrive 22:40

If we don’t get enough interest we can ask other teams to join, also the DBS team has said they will go and can join with us too!

Greetings to everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Paul Robinson – Team Manager
British Dragons
– Singapore

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