Register now for the Henley Group Team BBQ and our Annual Halloween Party plus don’t be a Willy Weasel!

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A reminder about our special Team BBQ with our friendly sponsors The Henley Group.

Where:….. Kallang Riverside Park
When:….. 6.30 pm on Saturday 20th October 2012 (immediately after training)
Price:….. $10 per person

Our Social Secretaries are promising some very tasty grilled items (including a vegetarian option), beer from RedDot and fun competitions and prizes too.

Those registered before the 17th October deadline have the chance to win a fantastic $300 dinner voucher for Fandango’s (At Chijmes) sponsored of course by The Henley group. So please register online now:



Okay Pumpkins – it’s almost that time of the year.  Get ready for our annual (and outrageous!) Halloween Party.


What: ….. Halloween Party
Where:….. RedDot Boat Quay
When:….. 9.00pm on Thursday 25th October 2012 (a late start so everyone has got time to do their hair and makeup!)

The Friday is a Public Holiday so you’ll have plenty of time to recover if it turns into a late night (and hey – why would you risk going home in the dark dressed like that?).

As always, prizes will be awarded for the best dressed guests and friends, family and supporters are all very welcome (well hopefully we won’t be able to recognise anyone anyway so no point in having a fussy door policy right?).  Please sign-up now:

As always, don’t forget to bring along your team membership card to claim your discount and team rebates at RedDot!



When I was a kid I was a proud member of the Tufty Club – this was a UK road safety campaign to encourage youngsters to be cautious when crossing the roads.

We were reminded not to dart about excitedly in the traffic with an ice cream cone in our paw. It was probably one of the only clubs where a kid in my street could ever hope to get a membership and I even had the badge!

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We were all warned of the dangers of being a “Willy Weasel” – the reckless character who would go off without mom, dash across busy roads and be ‘knocked down’ (cue loud screech of brakes, dull thud and a weaselly whimper…). After that horror we were solemnly informed that Willy Weasel wouldn’t be coming out to play for a very long time…

Sadly, I’ve noticed that paddlers from many teams seem to have forgotten the sort of careful approach that was promoted by Tufty (and his kindly friend Mr. Policeman Badger) when they are crossing the busy roads at Kallang to get to training.

Indeed I have become a Willy Weasel myself of late and sometimes take the risk of making a brave dash for it through the traffic – often when I’m having a chat with team mates too!  It’s a pretty dangerous game with so many cars speeding over that bridge…

Of course Kallang has been the site of a number of fatal accidents where pedestrians – even a paddler – have been killed over the years. So I’ve now resolved to take the extra two minutes and always use the pedestrian crossing on the corner. Please do think about doing the same – as an old public safety announcement on the radio used to warn: “Better to be a minute or two late than dead on time..!”

See you all at Pool training at Farrer Park Swimming complex.

Safe crossings!

Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore

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