Land Training on Wednesday and Sunday sees our “Suds-On-Sunday” and “Pot Luck” Beach BBQ event

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This Wednesday 30th January 2013 we will have another Land Training outside the Singapore Indoor Stadium (as Farrer Park Pool is currently still closed for repairs).

As usual we will be training at the entrance steps to the Indoor Stadium which are directly over the road from the exit from Stadium MRT (CC6 on the Circle Line).  Here is the location: 

Please note that there are no showers at the site but toilets are available for changing.
If you are driving you can use Car Park E.  Please wear your team kit and Trainers or Running Shoes for the Land Training.



On Sunday 3rd February at 10.30am we’ll be holidng our “Suds-On-Sunday” event at Kallang (immediately after training).  This will be a team cleaning and maintenance session for our boats to get them into spick and span condition for the coming training season.

Whether you see yourself as a sudsy sponger, a rough type with some sandpaper, maybe fancy glossing over matters with some coats of varnish or you’d like to do a quick bit screwing (in the nicest possible way of course..!) then come prepared on Sunday morning to do battle with grime and dirt.

Our Kit Manager will be providing most of the cleanng and other items that we’ll need for the tasks but you might find the following extras useful to bring along too:

An old pair of rubber gloves
Kitchen sponges (or some old rags)
An old T-Shirt (that you’ll be happy to throw away afterwards)

As soon as the work is complete then we’ll be having a “Pot Luck” BBQ on the beach to celebrate our success.

Please bring along whatever you want to eat (and share) and our Social Secretaries will provide the BBQ (and flames) if you need to cook your contribution.

Salads, burgers, sausages, bread, cakes, dips, fruits and sweets are all welcome.  Treat it like you would a “Pot Luck” on a race day – but we can grill stuff too!

Plus of course bring along your choice of drinks.

Bring along your drinking shirt to the Beach BBQ so you can change out of your dirty gear after “Suds on Sunday”.



Registration is still open for the following races (if you have not yet registered):

MR500 – 16th and 17th March

Asia Club Crew in Singapore – 15th and 16th May (Midweek)

DBS Marina Regatta – 18th and 19th May

Taiwan Race – 12th – 16th June*

Please note that you must register “YES/NO/MAYBE” for each race (so registration is required whatever your intentions).

(* In order to take part in the Taiwan race you must have competed in at least one Singapore race previously).


See you at Land Training on Wednesday evening.

All the best,

Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore

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