We’re Racing in Hong Kong, Standby for St. George and the Committee Line-up sees changes!

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Thank you for your great response on our plans to go overseas to race. Based on your feedback we have decided to go to the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival from 21 to 23rd of June.

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Look forward to 3 days of racing in the heart of Hong Kong in Victoria harbor!

The races will be over 250 and 500m and there are many categories to race in, including a Fancy Costume race! The weekend will be concluded by a race dinner and party on Sunday night!

If you registered to race in June you will by now have received a separate email from the International Rep. requesting your passport details and outlining other administrative details of the trip.  Please act on that email immediately as time is tight!

Please note that to be included in the Hong Kong squad you must pay your $150 deposit to the Treasurer’s by Sunday 21st April 2013.


On Sunday 21st April we will celebrate St. George’s day with a St. George and the Dragon (Boat) paddle event and BBQ.

Set in the time of the Crusaders, you and your team will be given the challenge to slay the dragon and save the princess.  Be ready to surrender your swords and pick up your paddles as we joust for success.

Please dress up for the occasion – we will be in need of Knights, Kings and Ladies – and prepare to go to battle.

For those registered please be at the cage at Kallang at 10.30am on Sunday (there is no Sunday training).  We will brief you on your challenge there.

At the end of the race we will celebrate our victory with a traditional medieval meal – Meat and Mead.  The beers are kindly provided by our sponsor:  London – Boat Quay.



I am delighted to let you know that Pam is heading back to her former role on the Committee as our International Rep.  She takes on this familiar job at a very busy time as she is already planning and organising our next oveseas trip to Hong Kong.  Please give her every support.

Her change of role has led to a vacancy for a new Social Secretary to work alongside Natalia and I’m pleased to let you know that Jo has kindly volunteered and been appointed.  Jo has been with the team for a little over 2 years, she always has a smile and is fun to be around.  She’s an excellent paddler and has always given 100% in terms of paddling and by wearing fantastic costumes to events!  She certainly knows the meaning of: Party Hard, Paddle Harder!  We certainly look forward to her ideas and vibrancy for our social activities in the coming year.

Paul (our Team Manager) has also informed me that Andy has decided to step down as our Men’s Captain. I will let Andy explain:

Dear Paul,

The time has come for me to step down as Men’s Captain and allow someone with the time and energy to take our Men’s team to the next level, which it undoubtedly will do this year.

On Monday I will be taking a 6 week assignment with a humanitarian organisation and will be working around the Burma/Thailand border with the indigenous tribal groups before heading back to Singapore early in June. I will then most likely be going to the UK for a few weeks to see family, it’s been over a year since I’ve been able to make a visit back. Of course, this will mean missing the next 3 races, at least, with my commitment after that uncertain at this stage.

I have a feeling of enormous satisfaction to see how the team has grown over the last 6 years. It’s sometimes easy to forget the achievements and leaps forward we have made and it’s very much down to a solid core of long standing team mates who have created a ‘standard’ for newer paddlers to follow in terms of attitude, commitment and the way we present ourselves to the wider dragon boat community.

Naturally, I will continue to paddle when I can and contribute where I can in the future and lend my full support and help to whoever takes over representing our men.

Thank you for all the help, support and friendship extended by you, our committee and paddlers over the last 6 years. Although you will be out of sisight for the next couple of months you certainly won’t be out of mind.

Very best regards,


Paul has followed up with the following comments:

As our Men’s Captain goes off for another intrepid photographic adventure, we don’t say goodbye, but come back soon mate.  Andy has been in this role for over 6 years, he came in at a time when the team was ready to really move forward, and he was instrumental in our achievement of this. He has supported me with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, sharing the same vision and beliefs of the team.  He has been rock solid as both the Men’s Captain, and as our team Vice Captain, always stepping in to attend meetings, run training, as well as so much more (our fantastic garden party would never have happened without Andy, for example).  He will be very sorely missed by all, and I particularly feel my best friend and ‘Wing Man’ for so many years wont be around for a while.  Thank you Andy for everything, we’ll see you soon buddy!


I’m sure the whole team will join with me to thank Andy for his dedication and commitment to the team over the last six years and to wish him every success with his latest travels and creative projects.
If you would be interested in being considered or nominated for the role of Men’s Captain, as a first step please have a word with Paul (Team Manager) and informally let him know your interest so that he can share more insights about the role and the expectations andresponsibilities.
All the best,
Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons – Singapore

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