Your 10K Race Guide and Training continues as usual this Saturday and Sunday

On August 28, 2014 by Jean-Benoît_Delpy_Bourcart

Hello Paddlers





If you are part of the crews for the 10Km boat for the AustCham/SDBA race on Saturday 30th August 2014 please report to the cage at 2.00pm for registration.

I am informed that 19 teams are competing this year and that the event will flag-off at 3.30pm.  We will be in Lane 12 and Winsor will be our Cox.  We will be in our newly branded “white” boat so do look out for it as we race our way through Kallang and out to the Barrage, the Merlion and the Marina Bay Financial District.

Please hydrate, rest and eat appropriately in these last few days leading up to the race.  Hydrate well in the hours leading up to the race as we will not be taking water onto the boat or stopping for breaks of any kind (only a couple of bottles of “emergency” water will be on hand).  Don’t forget to Carb load, eat Bananas and, of course, avoid alcohol in the 24 hours leading up to the event.  You might want to bring some snacks along for the end of the race too as 10Km of continuous paddling in the intense afternoon sun can leave you feeling a bit peckish afterwards.

We will be continuing with training as usual on Saturday (see below) so if you are coming along to that training do come a little earlier if you can and catch the excitement of the build up to the 10K race too.

The 10Km race will finish around 4.30pm at the nearside of the Merdeka Bridge (which carries Nicholl Highway and is the first bridge nearest to our base at Kallang) so if you are not training and want to come along and cheer our team on at the Finish Line then this will be the best place to catch the action and snap some photos.

The Merdeka Bridge sidewalks are still accessible but allow a bit of an extra walk from the boatyard due to the extensive roadworks in the area.  Here is a map of the area:

Please note that the 10Km Race After-party is at Molly Malone’s @ 56 Circular Rd, Boat Quay from 6:30pm. Complimentary busses have been arranged for the race participants from Kallang. The Aussies have arranged beer drinking boat races and other fun.

If you intend to go to this after-party (it is open to everyone) then please bring a drinking shirt or clean race shirt to change into.


Training will continue on the normal pattern on Saturday and Sunday (i.e. 3.30pm on Saturday and 08.45am on Sunday) and then as usual in the coming weeks as we prepare for the SAVA Sprints in September.

Please note however that we will NOT have Boot Camp this evening (Thursday 28th August 2014) so that the crew can be well rested for the 10K.

All the best,


Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore

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