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Wishing you a Happy New Year!   We start the new 2015 season off with news of THREE races…



Our first event is a Ladies only event.  You may remember that we participated (and got GOLD) in the inaugural event last year and we’ve been invited back again.


Event: …. Pink@Extremes Ladies Race
Where: ….. Promotontory at Marina Bay (Boats will be based at the City Gallery Jetty)
When: ….. Saturday 7th February 2015 (12.00noon – 1.30pm)
Distance: ….. Up to 2Jm (to be confirmed)
Fee: ….. Not know (if any)

See the next section for registration.

This event is in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) and there will be all sorts of fun on the day including dressing in pink, pink balloons, candy floss and the BCF Zumba dancers will be part of a free class.  BCF will have a stall and some of the food and drink vendors are taking on a pink theme. It’s all about having fun and raising awareness.

We can only take 12 ladies for this fun event which should last for about an hour or so.  If you are interested please sign up and the Captains will select a team and reserves.

The Dragon Battle Singapore 2015 is a brand new event in the calendar and is organised by our friends and sponsors at Dragon Boat Innovate (dbi).  We will be fielding small teams at various weight categories to compete in this tug-of-war style battle as well as helping by providing Officials and organisational support to the event.

British Dragons are welcome to apply to be considered as paddlers in the battle, or to help organise or indeed to just come along and be involved as supporters on the weekend.
Here is a preview of the event:

What: ….. Dragon Battle 2015 Singapore
:….. Recreation and Olympic Pool at Orchid Country Club
When:….. Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2015 (from 09.00am until late on the Sunday)
Distance: ….. Up to 20m (!)
Fee:….. $50 for the race weekend – or $30 if you (or your guest) are just joining as supporters (payable now to Mel or Fabian).  See the next section for signup.

There are T-shirts and a BBQ Dinner and Pool Party after the event (we are also exploring the possibility of renting rooms and staying over on the Saturday evening for those who wish to do so).

There are many categories in the competition (Feather weight, Heavy Weight, Ladies National, IDBC Invitational, Under 23, Seniors, etc.) and various rounds and when we have registration concluded the Captains will be able to decide in which categories we will be doing battle.

You can check the event facebook page for more information:

The MR500 is our first major race weekend event of the season.

What: …..
:….. Jurong Lake (Chinese Gardens)
When:….. Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2015
Distance: ….. 500m
Price:….. $50 for the race weekend – or $30 if you (or your guest) are just joining for the Team Dinner on the Sunday evening (payable now to Mel or Fabian).

If this will be your first big race weekend then a few things to note before registering:

1) Participation involves two longish days at the race site (often a 07.30am start until 18.00).
2) You will be expected to be on site throughout both days to be available to race, warm-up support, etc.
3) One day the team provides a sandwich lunch, on the other we do a “Pot Luck” buffet – usually excellent!
4) On the Sunday we do a team dinner at London Bar to present medals, review race videos, etc.
5) By registering you commit to the race weekend plus the training that will be required beforehand
6) Registering and then dropping out is heavily frowned upon as it can be very disruptive to race planning
7) Race weekends are usually great fun, action packed and give the chance to make new friends
8) You may even win a medal or two as well if you train hard ahead of the race!




If you are new to racing please also read the additional guidance notes below carefully before registering.

When race registrations are posted all team members are asked to respond via the posted online signup link.  For most races you have an option of YES / NO.  Even if you cannot compete in an event (or are not yet sure) always take a few minutes to respond so that ALL team members are accounted for and your personal status for that event is registered.

When you register for a race this is considered a binding commitment (as the Captains will register you – and pay fees for you – with the organising body).  If you pull out later on then this can be very disruptive to the planning of boats in the races and from time to time may well jeopardise our participation in an entire category in the event.  So do not register as a YES for an event unless you are sure that you will be free to take part.  Once you have signed up you are also obliged to pay your race fee to the Treasurers in a timely manner.

Many events are for an entire weekend.  We may have to be on site from as early at 07.00 on both days, The Saturday may end at about 6.00pm and usually on the Sunday evening we will have a team celebratory dinner and ceremonies at London (Boat Quay).  You are expected to be with the team for the entire weekend – whether you have more races or not (you never know whether you may be unexpectedly called upon as a reserve) as of course your support and help is invaluable.

When you register to race this is not a guarantee that you will be selected for races – that decision is finalised on the weekend itself by the Captains and depends not only on your strength, ability and training attendance but also on all of the other factors at play (individual weights, genders, paddling positions and sides – of both you and your team mates).  Of course the more you regularly attend training the more you will improve yourself and be better prepared to be selected.  Plus the Captains work very hard to select as many people for races as they can so that the race experience of each person in the team is nurtured and sharpened.

The team often competes in several races overseas each year – or sends paddlers along to compete as part of the “Singapore Barbarians” Team (which competes internationally and represents all of the Expat teams).  To register for any international race you must normally have previously competed in a least one race with the British Dragons in Singapore.

You can register for all three races NOW.

Please note that the closing date for Pink@Extremes Ladies Race and the Dargon Battle Singapore 2015 is Sunday 25th January.  The closing date for the MR500 is Sunday 15th February (though the sooner you register the better).  Here is the signup link:


See you at training!


Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore

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