Training recommences for 2016, key race dates for the year and a subscription renewal recap.

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Training starts again on Saturday 9th January 2016 at 3.30pm at Kallang.

Thereafter we will continue with our usual training schedule as follows:

Sunday Training at 08.30am at Kallang (10th/17th/24th/31st)

Pool Training at 7.00pm Wednesdays at Farrer Park (13th/20th/27th)

Boot Camp at 7.15pm at Marina Bay Promenade (14th/28th)

Pilates at 7.15pm at Marina Bay Promenade (21st)

Saturday Training at 3.30pm at Kallang (16th/23rd/30th)

To see the training schedule for the next few weeks ahead you can always go to:


Some members have asked for an early indication of likely race dates for 2016 so that they can plan their holidays and other commitments accordingly.  These are the key dates that we are currently aware of:

SAVA Sprints: 5-6th OR 12-13th March

Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival: 21-24th April
(British Dragons will join the IDBC “Singapore Barbarians” contingent to compete)

DBS Marina Regatta Competitive Event: 4-5th June

Singapore Dragon Boat Festival: 23-24th July

AustCham 10K: 3rd September

Singapore River Regatta: 5-6th November

We will also probably compete in at least one overseas race – this will likely be in the second half of 2016 (in 2015 we actually competed in 3 overseas races so stay tuned!)


If you haven’t renewed your 2016 subscription already then now is the time to do so.  Here is the simple process in THREE easy steps:

1) Complete the ‘2016 Subs’ form
All paddlers need to update their information (it should only take 2 minutes)
2) Pay the subscription
Payment can be made in cash or by transfer (our bank details are below).
Here are the 3 tiers of British Dragons subscriptions available:
GOLD DRAGON – 12 months –  $500 (2 installments possible) will cover you for all of 2016
SILVER DRAGON – 6 months – $275 will cover you until end of June 2016
BRONZE DRAGON – 3 months – $150 will cover you until end of March 2016
Account Name: British Chamber of Commerce
Account Number: 161-002-4114
Bank: Standard Chartered Bank No: 7144
Branch: Robinson Road
Branch no: 016
Swift code: SCBLSGSG
For reconciliation and tracking purposes, subscription payments should include the following details (if your bank messaging allows): SUBS – [Month] – [Name of paddler]
Do drop an email to: once you have made the transfer so that we can look out for it.
3) Provide a new photo
If you have not previously submitted a photo or would like a new one for your race tags, please send a photo of yourself in team kit. Due to new regulations, the picture must comply with passport rules (looking straight into the camera, not a busy background, no caps, sunglasses, etc.) and send to:
For regular paddlers with paid ‘Subs’ there is also our Closed Facebook Group:
Here is a summary of the benefits of having a membership subscription to the team.
1) There is a significant cost saving for you as a regular paddler and you can attend as many training sessions as you like
2) You will be able to register for races in Singapore
3) You will be able to register and travel overseas for races with the team (you must have paddled in at least one Singapore based race to qualify)
4) You will receive your Team Membership Card entitling you to discounts from our Sponsors and Supporters
5) You will receive your London Card (Our Official Bar Sponsor) entitling you to 5% discount off food and drinks
6) You will have access to discount at IFC (personal training, physiotherapy, sports massage)
7) You will be able to join the Singapore Barbarians & IDBC races to compete as a Singapore team at overseas races

Thanks to our team Treasurers for supplying the above information. Do drop me a line if you have any questions.

All best wishes for 2016 and see you at training on Saturday afternoon,


Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore

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