On May 6, 2016 by Jean-Benoît Delpy


Training sessions this weekend are at usual times. However, training times for the weekend of the 14th & 15th of May have been changed. (see updated times below):

Here is a reminder of our weekly training program:

–       Tuesday 6:30am – GOOB (Get Out Of Bed) Sunrise Training @ Kallang Riverside Park

–       Wednesday 7:00pm – Pool training @ Farrer Park Swimming Complex

–       Thursday 7:30pm – alternatively Bootcamp and Pilates @ Marina Bay Promenade. We will have Bootcamp on Thursday the 12th of May

–       Saturday 3:30pm – Training @ Kallang Riverside Park. PLEASE NOTE: TRAINING IS AT 2:00pm ON SATURDAY 14 MAY

–       Sunday 8.30am – Training @ Kallang Riverside Park. PLEASE NOTE: TRAINING IS AT 3:00pm ON SUNDAY 15 MAY

Please make sure that you say hello to Sam Chang – our new Assistant Treasurer – when you arrive at training so that we can record your attendance.

These training sessions will be focused on the coming DBS Race. Therefore, if you want to invite friends or relatives to try Dragon Boat with us, please ask them to come only after DBS Race.


2) BORACAY post race info

The Singapore Barbarians had an extremely impressive performance at the 10th edition of the Boracay race, winning 12 medals. Congratulations to everyone ! We were as good as paddling on the water, as scooping on stage !

Now that we are back to life as usual, please remember to bring back to Rochelle your PFD (life jacket) in order to have your deposit refunded.

Also, you can carry on partying with the Singapore Barbarians by coming to the BARBARIAN AWARD NIGHT AND REUNION PARTY on the 20th of May at Penny Black ! Sign up here :


3) DBS MARINA REGATTA: Wanna win medals? => Come down to training!

The first weekend of the race is in just 3 weeks (28th of May), make sure that you come to as many training sessions as much as you can!

We have started GOOB sessions, (Get Out Of Bed) last Tuesday. If you want to improve your paddling level while having a wonderful time on the water with a beautiful sunrise in the background, come to the GOOB on Tuesday next week !

4) RAWA – TEAM BONDING WEEK END 9th & 10th of September

Our social secretaries – Sophie & Jess – have set up an awesome relaxing week-end in Rawa for us ! This weekend will come on a long week-end (thanks to a bank day) and will take place right after the Austcham 10K race. It will be the perfect timing to have a break in our training and a good time together!

– What : team bonding weekend of partying and relaxing on a paradise beach in Malaysia, no paddling involved

– Where: Alangs, Rawa, Malaysia,

– When: 9th – 11th September ’16

– Meeting for departure : 4:00pm at Somerset on Friday the 9th of September (to be confirmed)

– Approx cost: $300 including transport, accommodation and food. (Drinks costs not included).

A link will be soon sent to you for registration.


5) SARAWAK RACE – 11th-13th of November

This year the British Dragons will head to SARAWAK to race from the 11th to the 13th of November !

To sign up, click here :

We will arrange the accommodation from the 10th to the 14th of November.

Please book the flight by yourself.

You do need to be aware (especially ladies as there is only mixed boat) that you may have very little (or potentially no depending on progression) racing – every effort will of course be made to ensure everyone can race, however please take this into account when booking.


Unfortunately, we need to postpone the team social event that we initially planned for the 8th of May.

We will update you soon on the new date of this event, stay tuned !

In the meantime please do email me if you have any questions.


All the best,

JB (Jean-Benoît DELPY) – Team Secretary