Register now for our Singapore races and your choice of International event

On April 15, 2015 by philipmorgan


Registrations are now open for three Singapore race events and for you to choose your preference between two possible overseas events so that the team can decide which International event to attend.

A few points to note:

– You must be a member (i.e. paying a team subscription) to be eligible to register for races.

– All team members should complete the registration form to indicate YES/NO availability (so even if you cannot do any races please still take a moment to register that fact!)

– To take part in an overseas event you must previously have raced in at least one event with the British Dragons in Singapore

Here are the races:

What: ….. DBS Marina Regatta
Where: ….. Marina Bay
When: …..  Weekend of 30th/31st May 2015

Distances: ….. 200m and 500m
Categories: ….. Open and Ladies

What: ….. DBS Marina Regatta (with SEA Games)
Where: ….. Marina Bay
When: …..  Weekend of 6th/7th June 2015

Distances: ….. 200m and 500m
Categories: ….. Mixed

What: ….. Singapore Dragon Boat Festival
Where: ….. Bedok Reservoir
When: ….. Weekend of 11th/12th July 2015

Distances: ….. 500m
Categories: ….. tba

Please note that all these events are weekend events.
See section (3) below for the link to register for these races and to express your preference for the International events.

Our International Rep. (Natalia) has kindly provided the following information to help you make your decision about whether to choose Hong Kong or Taiwan:Having had so much fun and glory in Putrajaya/Melacca and Korea last year, the British Dragons are again planning to join one of the international dragon boat races in the region!At the Annual Team Meeting we presented the options of going either to Hong Kong or Taiwan this year. Please take a closer look at those options.

Our trip to Hong Kong International Dragonboat Carnival was a great success in 2013 with its amazing competitive races and partying.

Taiwan is a new venture for us with Lukang being a lovely historical town easily reachable from Taipei by the high-speed train. It promises some new exciting opportunities and experiences.

Below are the races overviews in summary.  Please, note that the pricing is very approximate as we are currently still exploring the options for accommodation. Unfortunately, neither race offers free accommodation.

Option 1:

What: ….. Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Carnival 2015
Where: ….. Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
When: ….. Friday 3rd July – Sunday 5th July 2015
Distances: ….. 250m and 500m
Categories: ….. Open, Men, Mixed and Women and a Fancy Costume race
Costs (Est.): ….. $670-1000 (i.e. flights $200-500, accom. $220-300, other $150-200):(The Sunday night will include a race dinner and party)Option 2:

What: ….. Taiwan International Dragon boat Championship 2015
Where: ….. Fu-Lu River, Lu Kang, Changhua County
When: ….. Friday 28th August until Sunday 30th August

Distances: ….. 200m and 500m
Categories: ….. Open, Mixed and Women
Costs (Est.): ….. $600-940 (i.e. flights $300-500, accom. $150-240, other $150-200):

At this stage you can register you interest/availability for one or indeed both these events.  We will let you know in due course which of the events we will be participating in.
Obviously do not book any flights at this stage.  It often happens that some team members extend the dates before or after these events to tag on a vacation too and I’m sure more news on this will emerge when we know which event is chosen.
By signing up for a race meet you are making a commitment to train and attend the whole race meet.  Racing takes place constantly throughout the day and sometimes due to rain or other factors race times can change repeatedly so it is important that you stay near the Team tent. Even if you are a reserve, this is still an important function as paddle line-ups can be modified up to the minute the team is submitted to the race.We know things happen and circumstances change, so if you have any concerns please let the Captains know as early as possible.
As Coach Winsor pointed out at the recent ATM the “Will to Win” is not nearly enough – you need to have “the Will to Prepare to Win” by attending sufficient training before the races.

Here is the registration link for all of the above events:

The Registration closing date is Wednesday 22nd April 2015.


Please note that Wednesday night Pool training and training on Saturdays and Sundays continues as usual in the coming weeks.
At 7.15pm on Thursday 16th April we will have Pilates training with Ana near the entrace to the Indoor Stadium (at the top of the stairs which face Kallang Wave Mall and Stadium MRT)
I look forward to seeing everyone at training!Best wishes,

Philip N. Morgan - Team Secretary
British Dragons
- Singapore