Kit, Drinks, Treasure Hunt, Bar Olympics and some Training too!

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Our Captains have (yet again) asked me to remind everyone that when you attend training you should be wearing team kit (a British Dragons racing shirt and ideally dark blue or black shorts).  This is especially important when we are most “on show” to the public (i.e. Saturday afternoon training and Thursday evening Boot Camp/Pilates sessions at Marina Bay Promenade).Not wearing the appropriate team kit is definitely a serious “wardrobe malfunction” on the dragon boat catwalk as far as our fashionista Captains are concerned!
If you don’t have enough kit – or any kit – then please get some now (details are below).  If you are coming to more training sessions than your wardrobe will support then please consider buying more kit – or at least move your wash-cycles around or perhaps try a “Quick 30” and overnight hang.  If you have some other reasons for not wearing kit at training (despite these pleas) then I suggest you go and have a quiet word with the Captains before they come and have a quiet word with you (and a note from your mom will probably not cut it…).
If you need kit then take a look at our

and drop our Kit Manager an email with your kit order so she can bring your items along to training:

Let’s show that we are proud of our team – indeed that we LOVE our team – by wearing the appropriate kit.


We will be having our “Last Friday of the Monthdrinks from 6.30pm onwards tonight (Friday 28th August) at London on Boat Quay.  London is about half way along the waterfront at Boat Quay and supporters and guests are all very welcome

Do bring along your London membership card to enjoy a 5% discount on food and drinks (and to ensure that an additional 7% is rebated back to the team!).  Also please wear your team drinking shirt.

We’re going to have our amazing race on Sunday 6th September at 2pm.$10 members, $20 non members.
Roll up, roll up for the amazing race of the year!  

British Dragons will split into teams to complete challenges, collect points and treasure from around Singapore.  It’s a race against the clock to get back to the London Bar with as many points as possible by 4pm.

If you haven’t signed-up already you can register for the event on our closed facebook group:
(this link will only work if you are signed into facebook and a member of our “closed” members group).  If you are not yet a member but would be interested in joining the event please drop an email to:



On Sunday 30th August 2015 at 3.00pm we’ve been invited to compete in the Bar Olympics at Ice Cold Beer with the competitions being 8-Ball, Beer Chug, Darts and Beer pong which will be completed by male/female pairs and the team must compose of even number guys girls – team size is either 6 or 8 people.

There are 8 teams competing and prizes for first.second. third – high odds to win something!

Entry fee is $40/team ie $5 each.  To find out more and sign up to a team go to our “closed” facebook page event at:

A few slots for competitors are still open.  Of course everyone else is welcome to drop by to support as well.



Training will take place at Kallang this weekend (28th and 29th August) as usual plus we will have GOOB’s on Tuesday 1st September at Kallang at 6.30am (off the water by 08.00am).  Pool Training on Wednesday 2nd at 7.00pm at Farrer Park Swimming Complex and Boot Camp at Marina Bay Promenade (Boardwalk near MBS) on Thursday 3rd September at 7.15pm.

We now have TWO training sessions on Sunday mornings: a 7.30am session (on the water 08.00am-09.00am for dedicated “sprints” training for the Singapore River Regatta) and 08.30 (on the water from 09.00am-10.30am).  You are warmly invited to attend both sessions if you can.
Please do not forget to bring your own water to all these sessions.
The next Fitness Test will be on Saturday 10th October (please put it in your diary).
Also please do lend a hand with trolley operations including emptying the boats at the end of sessions and then returning to assist with putting on the covers.  If everyone in the boat helps then it just take a few minutes.  This task should never fall to just a few familiar faces to take care of.Now that we have a number of newbies we need to be even more cautious in getting boats on and off the water safely.  The biggest hazards are lifting (“Bend your knees!”), maneuvering without collisions or hitting people or vehicles (boats weigh over 1.25 tons), paddlers getting a foot caught under a wheel (“OUCH!”) and of course getting past the bollards without someone getting crushed by the boat, trolley or rudder rig.  We should always remind people to walk outside the bollards when getting a boat through and not to put their feet near the wheels.

I look forward to seeing you all at training this weekend.

Best wishes,

Philip N. Morgan – Team Secretary
British Dragons
– Singapore