Singapore River Regatta, 2002

On September 22, 2002 by phil


“The team arrived on the Saturday afternoon to be given a thorough briefing by Mr. Sugarpuff (who does it with his Cox) on who is where in what boat and what time we are to be ready. We were all excited. Whilst eating fish and chips and drinking beer in the rain, we felt that we were truly in England, but as we are in Singapore, the weather and water is warm. Thank Goodness! Then the moment came, we happily hopped in the boat, armed with a paddle, with Anthony hollering away. Finally we came to the start of our heat. Awas! Paddle we did and hard we went. The result, second place and the most important thing, a place in the final! We were all fairly chuffed with our result, that we left and decided that copious amounts of alcohol at the BritCham Ball or the Penny Black would somehow aide us in the finals the next day. The next day came, some paddlers were suffering from blood shot eyes and hangovers, but after consuming beers and fish and chips, it cleared away. By 4pm, we were in high spirits for the final. After rounding up a few strays, we gathered into our position. We clambered into the boat, then paddled to the start, waved to the crowd and showed off with a few practice starts along the way. Eventually, the boat was in the starting position. The horn blew and like bats out of hell we paddled strong and gave all that we had. The final result, a fourth placing! Oh well, never mind, some long faces but Sugarpuff came to the rescue quickly by cheering us up with a wallowing speech on how well everyone had participated in all events with much enthusiasm. After finishing the beers and getting our photos taken, we quickly packed up and made our way to the Penny Black. A good move indeed as it was a great way to finish a fantastic weekend with the British dragon boat team.”