Team Captain/Manager: Laura Greenwood United_Kingdom_lgflag

When I was living in the UK, I had seen photos of a friend dragon boating in Asia and thought it looked like a lot of fun, so when I was relocated to Singapore in 2011 with my job and needed to find some friends, I found the British dragon boat team! The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was and it seemed like a great team to be a part of. Since that first time paddling, I have enjoyed every minute with the team, whether it is our weekend paddling sessions with beers on the beach on Saturday catching up with everyone, or going to international races with the team, we’ve been to South Korea, Malaysia, Shanghai and many more places, but ice dragon boating in Inner Mongolia was particularly memorable! 

I became Team Captain in 2017 after having had a few other positions on the committee, I feel very honoured to be the Captain of a great and diverse group of people that train hard, but know how to have fun together too. We welcome everyone, and I would really recommend you come down and give it a try, you won’t look back! We are a team that live up to our motto: Party Hard, Paddle Harder!

Ladies’ Captain: Sophie Whitelaw United_Kingdom_lgflag

Hello!  I’m Sophie, Ladies Captain…

A little about how I got into dragonboating first.  A friend on the team convinced me to try dragonboating after we met at a meet up group when I arrived in Singapore in 2012. I was really nervous turning up to training on that first Saturday afternoon, but the nerves didn’t last long. Everyone was SO friendly and welcoming, it was hard not to like! There’s a great mix of people on the team of all ages and backgrounds.  What I love about DB training is that everyone has such varied day jobs, family lives and backgrounds but when we’re in the boat together we’re all the same, paddling and getting stronger together 😊 

Many, many training sessions and some incredible local and international races later; I am the proud owner of a collection of medals. And I’ve made some really great, life-long friends on the team.

After being on the committee for a few years as Social Secretary I decided I’d like to have more input into the fitness and training strategy of the team.  I became ladies captain in Feb 2019 and so far I’m loving it.  We have a great bunch of ladies who train hard and know how to have fun too 😊

Men’s Captain: Bruno Spence United_Kingdom_lgflag

I joined the team at the beginning of 2014. Mainly because, having a rowing background, I wanted to get into a water sport again. I knew from before joining that I would be a regular paddler as long as the slightly aging body held up to the stresses and strains of training. I was ‘persuaded’ whilst slightly the worse for booze at our Christmas party to put myself forward as men’s captain in early 2018. I was a little apprehensive as I’m not good at organising and have little attention to detail but I’ve enjoyed it hugely thanks to those around me.  My main goal has been to give the members of the team who want to push on and train harder a whole new world of structured training through which we can improve as a team. Of course, any club needs members who are there to paddle socially too and they are just a s important to the club. Whether you want to train and race hard or just paddle occasionally and enjoy the many social aspects of the club then you cannot go wrong in joining the Brits as you won’t find a more friendly, loyal club in Singapore.

10649005_715214909270_1587771055229649595_oCoach: Winsor Wong Singapore_lgflag

Unlike the rest of the outgoing personas listed here, I am born and bred in Singapore! What other ways for a coach to do, bring the expatriate paddlers out for local delicacies and educate them on the nuances and idiosyncratic ways of the Little Red Dot.

I have this little peeve with contact sports. That said, I still enjoy a good competitive team spirit and bonding. So in 2004 when choosing a sport curricular, Dragonboat became the glaring choice. That first trial with the school team proved my decision right.

Even then, I could never have imagined Dragonboat to propel me so far forward, more than a paddler. I am a confident steersperson, earning myself an accolade with the Team as one of the best. I am also a Technical Coach, with the British Dragonboat team and other similarly illustrious teams. And I am an International Race Official with the International Dragonboat Federation (IDBF), going around the world running world-championships with the IDBF Family. I help run Dragonboat Events for corporate team buildings both locally and overseas. Wheww.. What a list!?

The amount of friends and fellow sportsmen I met through Dragonboating is endless! I tried to count them for this write up but I gave up at 1,022 or thereabout. The sheer amount of new friends and connection through this enduring sport is truly amazing!

If you have yet to pop by Kallang for a session with the British Dragons, what are you waiting for?!

I won’t go easy on you just because you’re new, but I definitely will be keen to bring you round the island with fellow local paddlers, to the chomps and chows, afterall, an athlete needs his carbo-loading.

Off the boat, I am dressed up in my shirt and pants at work with a local financial firm. Or out with my trusty bike for a spin around East Coast Park. And oh yeah, eating, cannot miss that. It is Singaporeans favourite pastime afterall…. True story..

Secretary: Stephen Ko United_Kingdom_lgflag

Hi! I’m Steve (or Koko to most of the team!) and I’m the Secretary / Social Media Guy of the team.

I joined the team in 2015 because I wanted to join a social team sport, and can certainly say that paddling with the British Dragons more than met any expectations I had! Simply put, joining the team is one the best choices I’ve made, and I’ve met fantastic people and experienced wonderful things along the way (both in or out of the boats)!

You really get back what you put into the team and more, so I encourage any newer paddlers to really throw themselves in at the deep end, and I assure you – you’ll like where you end up.

Treasurer: Florie Mancel United_Kingdom_lgflag France Flag

Hi, I’m Florie the treasurer.

I joined the team back in early 2018, I was looking for something to do at the weekends.

I’ve been treasurer for a year now. It is very interesting to make sustainable for the years to come and to offer value for money to all the members.
If you’re looking for a good workout, in a great atmosphere and with fantastic social activities, this is the sport you should do and the team you should join.

International Secretary: Susana Rodriguez


I attended my first newbie day back in July 2017 and was immediately hooked. The adrenaline, the pace, the people…it’s what had been missing from my Singapore experience.
This year I felt it was time to give back to the team which had given me so much. Having worked in the travel industry for most of my adult life and having the luxury of time to commit, I volunteered to take on the role of International Representative.
I’m looking forward to a year of new adventures in far off lands, working with the Local and Global Dragon Boat community and ensuring the British Dragons are at the forefront of everyones mind when it’s time to send invitations for events.
But most of all I’m looking forward to another year with all you crazy kids and bringing home some bling.

Social Secretary: Isabel Milford United_Kingdom_lgflag

If you’re reading this maybe you are considering trying dragon boating? Or maybe you’ve already joined us for a few sessions and are thinking about signing up as a member?

I have three words for you – Go For It!

I joined the team in 2015 after being struck by how friendly & welcoming everyone was. Up until then I had only been living up to the first half of the Brits motto “Party Hard, Paddle Harder!”. Luckily for me, whatever your fitness level is when you join, the coaches & captains will build you up & encourage every step of the way. You’ll be winning medals in no time!

Joining the Brits was the best thing I’ve done in Singapore and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get fit & have fun.

Kit & Equipment: Bronwyn  Baumgart Cumming 

Hailing from sunny South Africa, with teaching as my vocation, I’ve experienced that one is always guaranteed to meet people who will share a similar passion. So I was looking for a team with a passion for sport! Within 3 months of landing on our little red dot 3 years ago, I was ‘sent’ to and signed up with the British Dragons!
As an avid sportswoman with a competitive background in swimming and surf lifesaving, I have truly found my nique in paddling with the Brits! Thinking I was going to be less competitive was changed by Laura asking me if I’d help on the committee. Having run my own club and been part of committees I was hesitant to take a part on. But thinking of how much work and commitment the committee truly do put in to make our team so successful, I couldn’t say no! Who wouldn’t want to be part of a team that shows true commitment in training, community and one another.
Being tasked with running the Kit side of things, I have the pleasure of making sure our team looks on point! Living the brand is key so do make sure you own more than one of our team kit items. There’s always going to be a swap at a race or a shirt that needs to be ready for that insta shot no matter what corner of the globe you’re at. We want to know! So be sure to tag @britishdragonssg and #itsbetterwiththebrits

Administrator and Tech: Mark Salako

I joined the team in May 2016, having been in Singapore for less than a week. Jumped into the back of a boat during 10k training; my poor, unsuspecting arms. Coming back was the best thing I’ve done. I couldn’t have asked to meet a better group of people. I can’t quite believe I’m on the committee after such a short time, but I guess it’s a testament to how welcoming and nurturing the team is. It’s wonderful to be part of such a vibrant and exciting team and I hope to do the team proud.

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